Gamespot Reviews Cruis'n: 2.5/10

Unless you fancy the idea of paying $30 for a hacked-together port of an old arcade game that wasn't any good to begin with, you can safely ignore Cruis'n.

The Good
* The Wii Remote controls are responsive.

The Bad
* Fantastically ugly game
* Car handling is extremely dodgy
* Very little content
* Catch-up artificial intelligence is pretty annoying
* Sound effects often aren't where they should be.

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gamesblow3785d ago

All wii games are garbage but a select "FEW" and I mean "FEW" the wii is home to the most average and below average games ever made... fitting, nintendo returned to its roots... Nes was much the same.

ruibing3785d ago

The good Wii games only comes from the third developers who aren't using the Wii as a quick way to make money.

Skerj3785d ago

Nintendo needs to put some QC procedures in place because this looks like it's becoming a trend. I'd expect crap like this to release on the PS2 or something considering where it's at agewise but it's a shame for a new system to have this much shovelware.

Prismo_Fillusion3785d ago

Gamespot was paid off by Midway.
This game deserves a 1.