Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Now Live on the Japan PlayStation Store

Onaxis writes: "Well, for those of you that have Japanese Yen ready, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is now available for download on the PlayStation Store".

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xplosneer3323d ago

Darn it HURRY UP WITH TRANSLATION. I can't read nor pay in Japanese.

EZCheez3323d ago

Anybody here getting it? I'd love to know how the online is and if there are dedicated servers.

Also, anybody know if the demo to GT5Prologue is still on the Japan PS Store? I was thinking of making an account if it's still there.

krik3323d ago

Nope, the demo is gone from the Japanese store. Maybe US/EU gets one soon...

jam93322d ago

No online yet. It is delayed. Only GT.TV is available for now as an online feature. Online event and races will be available at Dec 25th.

BTW, no GT5P demo on Japanese PSN. It was over few weeks ago.

wind_dragon3322d ago

I got the demo! =P
HAHAHA! sux to be you. but if u look on the bright side burnout comes out tomorrow! =]

shrimpboat3322d ago

I downloaded the demo a while back and it is awesome. it only had few cars but it is very classy. I like the downloadable video function.

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Chapulin3323d ago

I bet I can beat all you lol

season0073323d ago

with a new PSN account so i can download it off japan PSN =)

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