Final Fantasy XIII-2: 10 Reasons you might reconsider buying it

From the time Square Enix unveiled the spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy XIII which had mixed reception, there has been some doubtful enthusiasm among the hardcore Final Fantasy fans towards FFXIII-2.

So here are 10 Reasons you might reconsider pre-ordering FFXIII-2.

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geniusgamerdoc1650d ago

I really Love Time-Travel and hope this game delivers all those Deja Vu moments associated with breaching the Time-Continuum-Shift phenomenon.

CarlitoBrigante1650d ago

"4) During battles, players will be put through QTEs(Quick Time Events) called “Cinematic Action” which will allow them to deal higher damage to foes and gain the upper hand in certain battles."

Stopped reading your list. Your whole list is awful but this one I never expected. Are you even a FF fan? This is whats ruining the FF franchise, the more it wants to be cinematic and action packed with QTE's, the more it distances itself from the genre it belonged to trhat everybody loved.

You can't consider yourself a fan from now, because of people like you SquareEnix will keep on making shitty games, perhaps they will even turn FF into a 3rd person shooter.

catch1649d ago

Who are you to say who is or is not a fan? Do you remember limit breaks from other FF games? Some of them were QTEs. And they were awesome fun.

Redempteur1649d ago


You're not a long time fan are you ? Square did QTE is FF games since long time ago it's just more visible .

As for the 3rd person shooter part drige of cerebrus happenned and that was ALSO long time ago ...
People like you hating for the sake of hating are why squarenix will keep making their games regardless of your stupids opinions.

geniusgamerdoc1649d ago

QTEs were fun in FFX-2.

Agree with @catch and @Redempteur

iamtehpwn1649d ago

Final Fantasy has been doing QTE's for quite some time now. Obviously you haven't played FF8 (Squalls gunblade trigger) or FFX (Overdrives)

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Ranma11649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I WONT buy a game that will give SE an incentive to make more mediocre games like it

brish1649d ago

You do realize that if Square goes bankrupt they won't be making ANY games right?

I'm not suggesting anyone buy a game they don't want but Square is also making a game called Versus. Do you want that game?

If you do it would make sense for you to want Square to succeed in the game market so they can finish Versus.

If everyone stopped buying games from Square until Versus is released they would go bankrupt before Versus is finished.

Myst1650d ago

Still not too sure about the game and more than likely won't be buying it :/. Honestly could see myself buying Final Fantasy Origins instead of XIII-2

myps41650d ago

What is Final Fantasy Origins?

Megaman_nerd1650d ago

FFI & FFII for 10 bucks on the PSN store.

Myst1650d ago

It has Final Fantasy I and II on it remastered a PS classic title.

Lord_Sloth1650d ago

No full party control=no buy! Final Fantasy needs to revert back to that.

Baba19061650d ago

i allready preordered =D i liked the demo. and i didnt hate ff13 as much as some claim to.

geniusgamerdoc1650d ago

Cool.. Same with me aswell. Preordered xiii-2

juniorpop1650d ago

who else got a boner from the pic?

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The story is too old to be commented.