10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2008

The Nintendo Wii has gotten gamers moving about with its motion-sensitive controllers, but the next generation of game control device may require no movement at all. Video games that can read your mind will invade living rooms in 2008, thanks to electroencephalography (EEG) controllers that detect the electrical activity of the brain. Scientists have been working on the basic concept for several years, developing experimental brain implants that allow paralyzed patients to check their e-mail and move their wheelchair by thinking about it. But the new wave of EEG devices make the transition from medical device to consumer gadget, involving simple headsets that slip on with an array of electrodes to measure brain activity.

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jonnyboy3814d ago

I can see this happening for the next nintendo. just imagine how much faster games could be!

metallbizkit3814d ago

I can't see this happening real soon. Cool idea though.

When the Wii came out you heard about remotes hitting TVs and other things... when this comes out you will hear of people soiling themselves due to "thinking too hard."

IntelligentAj3814d ago

Yeah I think this tech won't be commercially available until at 2013. That being said this would be pretty cool.

pacman6153814d ago

i dont want anything like that in my gaming experience, if they managed to read your brain waves or whatever, they can program those things to prone for other information as well, like ss # , dl # ,passwords, bankacct, and then they can relay that back to some underground server where the best hackers in the world are gonna scam everyone for everything they got, well thats what i would use that device for :)

Shenzilbur3814d ago

If you arn't serious about that comment then well done. But if you are you probably don't know what an EEG does. Technically they can't "read" you mind but rather detect the different frequencies that your brainwaves are working at. So they can't extract solid information from your brain like that: it is simply impossible. What information can be extracted from an EEG are things like your mood, general personality, learning capabilities, things that you can see, and the use of your body (eg: Clenching your jaw) but there are thousands of other things one could do with this. So if this were to enter gaming I would be one of the first in line to give it a shot.

coolfool3814d ago

simply depends on how good it is. It will have to reach the stage of what was describe in the article in a consistent, reliable and easy to learn way. Anything less than this would just write the technology off as a gimmicky gadget that will probably be over priced and under utilised.

Also, to say that this will "invade living rooms" in 2008 is just laughable. I agree with above, 2013 might be about the right time.

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