Play:Digital Video Review of Blacksite: Area 51

Play:Digital has a video review of Blacksite: Area 51 which allows gamers the chance to see what critics are talking about. Blacksite has come under heavy fire and you can see for yourself why. The review covers vehicle operations and the Squad Morale system as your video host Katherine leads you through different aspects of gameplay.

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Hi guys, I’m taking a look at Blacksite: Area 51 on Xbox 360 for you today. Yes, that’s right, for you; some of these games I play so you don’t have to!

There’s some Iraqis (O_o) and some mutanty alieny type things to shoot at - too bad you can’t shoot at your own men though.

Not a bad game overall, but it doesn’t really have any raison d’etre in these halcyon days of FPS. The truth might be out there, but I don’t think you’ll find it in this game.


Scores: 3 stars (out of 5)

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TruthBTold3843d ago

They seem to make more crappy games than good ones. Only game I can and want to pick up this Christmas for my PS3 is UT3. Well, here is to 2008 for more awsome games and less crappy ones. I was hoping for Blacksite to be good but I guess it doesnt seem good enough to pay 60 bucks. Might rent it or borrow it sometime if I have a chance.

pwnmaster30003843d ago

this game look hella sick to