Dungeon Siege Trailer Live

Yikes. The trailer for Uwe Boll's opus "Dungeon Siege" has gone live. Who's excited?

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GlossGreen3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

horrible director. You'd think a movie with Jason Statham, John Rys Davies, and Michael Jai White would be one to look forward to, but with Uwe Boll at the helm, I can only guess what levels of garbage we will get stuck with.

biomajor093651d ago

I just want to know how the hell he gets these popular actors to be in his films? Is he able to just throw his own personal money at them?

davez823652d ago

house of the dead hahaha, that movie will haunt me forever.

Lumbo3652d ago

Uhh, this is gonna be one ugly movie ... again

Daxx3652d ago

*cough* Lord *cough* of the Rings *cough* Rip Off *weeze*

coolfool3651d ago

everythign from the music, the dialogue, the production style just screams Lord of the Rings wannabe.

Chances of being as good though......17.8%?

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