What ever happened to Alan Wake?

Another year, another non-appearance from Alan

The games industry is a strange, strange place. It's almost 30 years old now, but it seems developers still can't agree on the best way to PR their babies. In our experience, they go one of two ways: trundle down the elaborately stage-managed Assassin's Creed path, a game wrapped so tightly in Ubisoft cotton wool that it was little wonder dire rumours surfaced that the game might be one huge stinker (thankfully, as our review attests, we needn't have worried). Or they take a plunge and head down the route ploughed by the likes of Prototype, Borderlands and Fracture. None are due out for ages yet, but the developers have had the guts and confidence to demo their projects early - even if they are only 25% done.

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ben hates you3817d ago

it looks interesting, give the devs time to do it right

Jdash243817d ago

yea ive barely heard anything about this game for a while..........but ive heard NOTHING about eight days since that trailer......what happened to that game?

Rice3817d ago

I want to know more about this game, sounds interesting.

power of Green 3817d ago

Whats the big deal? MSFT doesn't really market or hype unfinshied games anyways.

What ever happend to *Embrace of Time* thats a eastern game that appeared to have something going for it.

TwissT3817d ago

Halo 3 was advertised tonnes of times before it was released. But you are right because you should not hype a game before it is fully developed, give the developers time to make this game a great one.

sagapo3816d ago

true, but Halo was already a big name in the bizz, Alan Wake isn't, allthough it looks really amazing.
Maybe they saving it up for next year to come with a bang? I dunno... let's hope so :)

vudu3817d ago

I was asking myself the same question. I saw the video, got all giddy, and then *crickets*. Nothing. hmm...

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The story is too old to be commented.