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Resident Evil 6 Trailer Analysis: Here’s What You Missed

GB : It's been a long time since Resident Evil 5 came out, and we finally have some new details from the trailer Capcom just revealed. (PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

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Shubhankar  +   1261d ago
Did anyone see the cover shooting at 1:55 and 2:45? You can also apparently slide into cover (2:45) and sprint (1:44). Also, Leon and Chris in one game?
Anyone else got the feeling that this will be the best Resi game ever? :D
Reibooi  +   1261d ago
I do have to say it looks miles better then RE 5 did(which I wasn't a big fan of) and I have to admit I'm a bit excited.

The biggest issue with RE5 was that the game play didn't grow from RE4 and I really hope this time around it controls better and more like a modern day game. If so I can see myself enjoying this entry. The story certainly looks pretty good seems to be a crap load going on.
Dragun619  +   1261d ago
My Trailer Analysis
Gifs from the trailer. One thing to note is that you can move and shoot at the same time.

Leon's story looks like Old RE Survival Horror with the return of Zombies and the Raccon City Atmosphere.

While Chris's story looks like more RE5 Action Horror with more Explosions and guns against bigger enemies.

Cover/ Slide System
Note - It seems that there's enemies that pull you out of cover.

And Third Guy's story who could be Wesker's brother, Alex considering the Wesker melee shit he does, Looks more melee action and running from a new Nemesis/Bane monster but with a chick partner that looks like & probably is Ashley from re4.

Honestly, RE6 looks pretty ambitious in that it seems to tackling multiple areas at once. Definitely excited to see more of RE6.
Kevin ButIer  +   1260d ago
Wow looks like a really ambitious project, all the chars, all the atmospheres all the gameplay variations merged in one game... This could end like a GOTY or as a pile of crap. Judging for the trailer they are on the right track.
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ABizzel1  +   1260d ago
It looks like you'll be playing as Leon single Player and Chris co-op to me.
Cloudberry  +   1260d ago
I noticed one new voice actor.
The bald guy with scar on his face, kicking some zombies' ass; voiced by Troy Baker.

Man, he's doing some serious main characters lately...

The main character in Bioshock Infinite, Joel in The Last of Us, and now this.

Looks like he's the next Nolan North.
sikbeta  +   1260d ago
RE6 will grow from RE5, but not from RE4, but at least Leon is back, going to buy it, looks far better than RE5...
Solid_Snake37  +   1260d ago
Yeah cos Chris ran smooth as a tank in RE5
blackmamba707  +   1261d ago
wallhugging coversystem will be in every game from now on
ThanatosDMC  +   1260d ago
And chest-high walls
PamPoovey  +   1261d ago
Not really

The two biggest complaints about RE5 was the action focused approach and the co-op, yet they still have these two things in the game

To make it worse they've thrown in a cover system, the slide thing (what is this Max Payne), and an unknown bland looking character who did all these backflips and jumpkicks making it look like an anime.

Oh and I'm all for Chris and Leon but this is far too differen't from what people had in mind. Fair enough Leon and Chris alone, just them two facing the horror which is RE but it isn't like that, it's two differen't stories where Chris's story is action based (I mean three/four people as back up). Besides Chris has been far over used latley, how about Leon and Claire or Leon and Ada...

Best RE game.......nope, looks alright but I'm really dissapointed with this. I thought the whole point in Operation Raccoon City was to seperate action and co-op from the main RE titles and yet they still include them.

Capcom have failed me yet again. They had it right with Leons sections, was there any need to add Chris or those new no name characters.
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Eamon  +   1261d ago
I think if you analyse the trailer more carefully, you will see that apparently it's not simply 3 different characters with the same gameplay.

Leon seems to have a similar type of gameplay to RE4, more of the survival horror approach.

Chris is shown to use cover etc meaning his campaign seems to much more action orientated.

The third unnamed character has a new type of gameplay - it seems to be survival but more of the escape type since he isn't carrying weapons and he's jumping and running a lot.

I do hope that this time co-op won't spoil the game like it did in RE5. Co-op should be a separate game mode.
PamPoovey  +   1261d ago

But what was the point of adding varations of gameplay in a RE game which is always about survival horror. If they wanted to do this they should of made a new IP to do this idea.

Leon is the one RE fans want while Chris's and the new guy just look ridiculous.

Co-op should of never been in this game to start with, it will spoil this just like it spoilt RE5. No matter how many fans complained to Capcom it's like they just don't want to listen....funny that isn't it, most Japanese developers are like that, Square Enix is another fine example of how NOT to listen to your fanbase.
kaveti6616  +   1261d ago
"The two biggest complaints about RE5 was the action focused approach and the co-op, yet they still have these two things in the game."

I thought the two biggest complaints were 1) there weren't any zombies and 2) the game wasn't scary.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1260d ago

The focus on action and co-op hurt the action aspect of the game, as being alone surrounded by zombies is a lot scarier than being with a partner.

When I saw the first part of the trailer I thought, "Okay, this might be better." Then they showed Chris and his team coming in from a helicopter and the new guy with his partner (Ashley?) acting like it was all more of an annoyance than a challenge (Dante?).

I also checked again and it looks like even Leon might have a partner too, so instead of focusing on horror, CAPCOM's just tried to hide the stuff people complained about in 5 rather than fix it. It still has the potential to be a good game, but it looks like for survival horror you might want to cautiously check out Silent Hill: Downpour instead.
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lizard81288  +   1260d ago
Agree PamPoovey
Leon's gameplay looked awesome! It looked really cool. I thought, wow, Capcom listened to their fans. It isn't action...Then Chris' gameplay started, and I was extremely disappointing. It looks like GoW, CoD and Max Pain. Then we have Mr. Melee, who...sigh.... It seems like Capcom didn't learn a thing. Not surprising since it is Capcom after all.

I would have liked to have seen some other faces, other than Chris'. RE has a few characters that seemed to have just been thrown away. I would have liked to have seen them instead.
StraightPath  +   1261d ago
looks awesome! no one can deny this looks pretty sweet! although only thing we can drop the RE horror heritage i guess.
kparks  +   1260d ago
The only thing i missed was my excitement.. This looks really bad to me this should not even be a re game re4 was awesome re5 was kinda a let down but grew on me now we got mw3 with zombies WTF
princejb134  +   1260d ago
after the trailer i concluded this will be another action game not a horror game
nice try capcom
LightofDarkness  +   1261d ago
I must've missed the part where it's a Resident Evil game.
Jovahkiin  +   1261d ago
Looks freaking awesome ! and a rewind trailer so quick... awesome.

Edit: Its not a rewind trailer :(
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Trainz  +   1261d ago
I'm just going to be the one to say it.
The trailer looked f*cking sh*t.
I am not impressed crapcom.
DrunkDan  +   1261d ago
Not sure how many of the points they've made could actually be missed?

They reference the mercenary but don't point out his apparent superhuman abilities? Or the fact that Leon's sections look more survival horror whilst Chris' seem to be more action packed?

Anyone want to make them a 'Here's what you missed whilst looking for what people missed' article?

But in all seriousness, the trailer looks like a cross between RE4 and 5 so it could be interesting - provided they strike a good balance.

Oh and being able to move and s... You know the rest.
Pintheshadows  +   1261d ago
I really hope you can move and shoot this time, even if it's slowly.
Sargerus  +   1261d ago
So... RE6 is a prequel? since RE5 is in 2009 and they are saying RE6 is 10 years after the Raccon CIty outbreak.
Tito08  +   1261d ago
Meaning 10 years after the events of the first game, so story-wise, the story in 6 is most likely between 4 & 5, I guess!!!!
DarkBlood  +   1261d ago
resident evil revelation is in between 4 and 5, lets not forget the damanation movie where its rumoured to have chris in it with leon

now as for re 6 * i like to call it 7 since i count code veronica and zero* could take place some months after 5 or a year just enough to call it ten years later
Tokyo_reject  +   1261d ago
I Think who ever said that its 10 years after ether A. didnt know what he was talking about or B. thats what he thought at the time.
oneangle  +   1261d ago
It does look promising based on what I see in the trailer. As long as there is no A.I. babysitting or co-op, I'll be looking forward to the final product.

@below Thanks for the info. If that's the case, I'm wondering how they'll improve on the mechanics. I'm just not a fan of the idea that I'll have to directly depend on my partner, A.I or not.
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Jovahkiin  +   1261d ago
The press release said there would be co-op bro
Yodagamer  +   1261d ago
From what i have scene from previews of the 3ds game capcom has seemed to perfect the co-op so the second character on that game won't seem like a problem and won't use the same ammo and health, so hopefully that carries over to re6
LightofDarkness  +   1261d ago
There is co-op, Kobayashi confirmed it in the press release.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1261d ago
Con Artist Capcom are the kings of trailers i give them that. They make you want to buy the game off one trailer.
moparful99  +   1260d ago
Why is everyone so against co-op? I freaking loved RE5 because of the online co-op.. Me and my best friend would play the crap out of 5 online and honestly it's some of my fondest memories from this generation..
tigertron  +   1261d ago
Well the first part of the trailer got me excited, when I saw Leon with the zombie President, I was like "omg yayz!!!" then I reacted the same when I saw Leon shooting the zombies, but then it suddenly turned into a Michael Bay flick.

It looks good no doubt about it, but I guess the survival horror we once knew as Resident Evil is no more.
Yodagamer  +   1261d ago
Can't wait :), it looks like a good mix of action, but not being overpowering like in re5, so it seems like you actually have to survive the horror of zombies and such. This new game might be a return to form for resident evil and capcom
Jovahkiin  +   1261d ago
I'm just happy with chris' normal biceps.... He's not rocking 32 inchers like resi 5.
garos82  +   1260d ago
such a trivial point to be happy about...

on topic: this looks highly ambitious. 3 different playable characters looks like it will provide depth to the gameplay. all i personally want is an engaging story and a lot of cheap scares along the way.
on the plus side i think the graphics look amazing. especially when the train heading towards leon, the lighting there looks sweet
theDECAY  +   1260d ago
No, I agree with Joey.
AscendantX  +   1261d ago
Am i the only one here who misses the creepy old mansion and the brain dead zombie infested streets on the old RE games?.
Eamon  +   1261d ago
Not just you man.
bigboss911  +   1261d ago
while its nice for nostalgia.... You do realize that has been done to death in the Re series. And Raccoon city has been a giant radiated hole since 1998. I just dont like them changing the way zombies are. In Re Zombies die by head trauma. Its way to easy to pull off headshots with the new gameplay. So now when you shoot a zombie in the head A)It will die instantly making it too easy, unless ammo is way way limited. B)it takes multiple shots, and breaks the anatomy weakness that they have created around the creatures. That said This is my most hyped game this year by far.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1260d ago
Well the idea is with zombies is that they are easy to kill, but they swarm you, so you're better off running then fighting. That's what they should be aiming for.
Pikajew  +   1261d ago
The 6 looks like a giraffe looking back
Run_bare  +   1261d ago
im soo hype... looking forward to this...
Urrakia34  +   1261d ago
Hmmm well once one can accept the fact that RE has definitely changed from the old days and embrace the new direction it has taken, this actually looks like a potentially very good, fun game.
Radiowrecker  +   1261d ago
looks decent, its got Leon so it is already a step in the right direction but they should leave Chris out (never liked him). Although from some of the comments it seems there is coop which is still a step in the wrong direction =/ guess i'll have to wait for more info
theDECAY  +   1260d ago
I always liked Chris from RE1.
tc389   1261d ago | Spam
PS4OUR  +   1261d ago
This is how u DONT listen to ur fans. Dead Space 3 has my money.
acemonkey  +   1261d ago
yup looks great sounds great
mamotte  +   1260d ago
It started great. The city, the quote "it's like racoon city all over again".

And then, a video of Gears of War re-skinned poped up and ruined everything.
Jake_the_Dog  +   1260d ago
So my prediction is correct, Gears of Evil 6.
Kingscorpion1981  +   1260d ago
My prediction Dead Space is the King of Action Horror now! RE needs to be a survival horror and go back to its roots.
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Batzi  +   1260d ago
It looks really good!
Some of the scenes remind me of RE3 which is frickin' awesome!! Can't wait to see more.
zalanis  +   1260d ago
yo some trippy stuff kinda like a flashback or a dream at 2:55 and then before it hits 2:56, i kno how tht sounds but yes i said at 2:55 but before 2:56, u gotta pause-unpause really quick to c it. check for yourselves.
BinkyStalls  +   1260d ago
but, can you move and shoot ?
zalanis  +   1260d ago
also, bane shot at 2:11, oh and i think chris gets infected then becomes the bad guy.
thrashermario  +   1260d ago
i am glad it comes out before dec,21,2012. a month and 1 day before the end of the world
LOL_WUT  +   1260d ago
Nope i dont think i missed much the trailer was pretty meh.
Agent_hitman  +   1260d ago
This game is going to be bad as$
raidensnake  +   1260d ago
im the only one that sees that the new guy is in fact steve from code name veronica? Kidnapeed by wesker because is the only survivor with veronica virus? In this trailer he says they are after my blood.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1260d ago
^^^^ ding ding
Sargerus  +   1260d ago
except that Steve died in CV... Wesker recovered his body
Big_Dom  +   1260d ago
RIP the resident Evil series.

1996 - 2000
Nodoze  +   1260d ago
Agreed. Crapcom has done it again.

We WANT a survival horror title. Not Modern Warfare. It looks like they could not decide upon what direction to take for 6, and simply threw in everything into one jumbled mess of a game.

For the record Co-Op is overrated and UN necessary. The fact that they included it here shows they didn't learn anything from the crapfest that was RE5.

I will pass on this.
Rayko  +   1260d ago
couldn't agree more. Resident Evil is dead in my eyes. 4 and 5 were dissapointments. I had a final hope to part 6 but nah. Capcom said it themselves that they want to bring COD-players to play Resident Evil.
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