First Resident Evil 6 Trailer is released

The first Resident Evil 6 trailer is upon us, the trailer reveals two main characters known as Leon and Chris. It also appears the location is China due to the writing on the signs. It also appears Ashley the presidents daughter from Resident Evil 4 also makes an appearance. It also seems that if it is Aishley she is now apart of the B.S.A.A group which Chris was a part of in Resident Evil 5.

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blackmamba7072287d ago

Leon and Chris, perfect Resident Evil imminent

LarVanian2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

In every single one of my Resident Evil 6 wishlists I always included the 'Leon and Chris team up'. I think it's great that we will finally see the two leading men of Resident Evil fight side by side.

DasBunker2287d ago

i didnt see any walk and shoot.. and the shitty cover system is back.. ugh..

some cool action sequences, dark atmosphere and zombies at least

jony_dols2287d ago

This was certainly unexpected!

NukaCola2287d ago

This is a pretty impressive trailer. I can except the action/horror style. I see a lot of Dead Space here. A good balance between survival horror and action. I think there will be exploration and slow creepy moments. The way the city seems to be set up says so. But it's cool that the action seens aren't over the top and don't take away from the horror theme. Visuals and story look solid so far as well.

Only concerns is the gameplay. If this is game has lead feet while shooting, I wont get it. I hate that control sceme. Also please no Co-Op or MP please. Just make a long 15+ hour single player game.

honkyjesus2287d ago

It is like a homoerotic dream of yours?

Man, I would have liked to see more from the trailer than "Hey fans, look at Chris and Leon... and the effing President's daughter! The white one, the white President and daughter."

zeeshan2287d ago

I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM LOVING THIS SO MUCH BUT.... there seems to be too much action! Ok so should I give Capcom the benefit of the doubt? They might have wanted to work an action trailer out. I am so looking forward to a SCARY Resident Evil. Also, it looks like Ashley is back in the game judging by the character sound (the part where a woman says "THE WORLD NEEDS YOU:). Leon's character looks amazing! Chris still got those giant muscles!

Lets hope this is scary like RE1/2!

moparful992287d ago

Anyone else Super stoked over the slide mechanic?? I know everybody and ther mother wants a return to the horror survival of older titles but the action oriented vibe of resi 5 was fun for me..

mcstorm2287d ago

This looks like what I expected from Res 5. Cant wait for this game after that video it looks amazing.

LarVanian2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

@ honkyjesus

I think what you meant to say was 'Is it like a homoerotic dream of yours?' Not 'It is'.
And no it isn't. I'm just a long time fan of Resident Evil (despite being a bit disappointed with Resi 5) and Leon and Chris have always been my favourite characters. I'm also excited about seeing The Avengers this year, since I love the comics. But I suppose someone like you will just assume that it's just another 'homoerotic' dream because the Avengers are mostly made of male characters, oh well.

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dark-hollow2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

No gameplay in daylight!
Thats a start.

starchild2287d ago

That was a very well done trailer. Looks awesome. The graphics are extremely impressive as well.

honkyjesus2287d ago

Looked Wii-ish to me. Didn't look like a 2012 trailer for much of it.

Play2Win2287d ago

Wii-ish? The Trailer looks great with some ingame parts. Resi 5 already looked amazing maxed out on PC.

sikbeta2287d ago

Hmmm... so Leon and Chris, huh? well played Capcom...

kparks2287d ago

I must be the only one pissed off at this..... That was not resident evil they keep going in the wrong direction some one above said it looks like dead space well that's not a good thing if i wanted dead space i would play it. Look how great re4 was now look what we got a run and gun zombie shooter.. Looks like mw3 with zombies thats not how i picture the franchise this looked terrible!!

Bloodraid2287d ago

Too be fair, at least we're back to zombies and the urban environment that the original games had. The story (seems) to be going back to where it should be.

However, the gameplay seem to have evolved a bit further away from their roots, and just seems to build upon the mechanics that 4 and 5 have laid out, which isn't really surprising to be honest.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the trailer though, because it started off so well only to shift to a more action oriented trailer. We'll see where it goes though. I hope that it'll be good, but I'm not holding my breath.

I'll probably pick it up either way though, because I own quite of the games.

orange-skittle2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Man, shut up! Look at the RE movies and tell me if there's anything different. Resident Evil hasn't been the classic way for years and that could be a good thing. No one wants tank movements and clunky gameplay any longer. Even your Dead Space comment was stupid. Just like you stated earlier, IF YOU LIKE RESIDENT EVIL 4, THEN PLAY RESIDENT EVIL 4(in reference to your Dead Space comment). DONT BUY IT!! If everyone is happy with the new direction as an action horror be it. Every game evolves including Max Payne and these changes are for the better. If the developer always listened to nostalgic people like you, we'd see more of them filing bankruptcy because more of the same is not good for business.

@Bloodraid-RE was based around a solid story. RE5 campaign was lengthy and I imagine this would be too. When dealing with an outbreak involving 70K people, you can't expect slow walkers moaning around. This is complete mayhem and survival. Like he said "THIS IS RACCOON CITY ALL OVER AGAIN." The new direction is going to be awesome because they listened to the criticism. Cant make everybody happy. The cover system is here and I am sure walk and shoot will be included.

OmegaSlayer2287d ago

Very cool.
Very excited.
I liked the first 3 REs though I never found them scary, what gave anxiety was only the locked visuals and the "what's behind the corner" scene.
Resident Evil 4 is a gaming masterpiece. Period.
Resident Evil 5 was a great action game, I understand how fans might not like it, but it was a hell of a great game, though messed so much in the control section.
Silent Hill was surely more scary, and Dead Space too just with the noises and lights.
So imho Resident Evil 6 has to learn from Dead Space a lot about scarying people.
Though...I absolutely loved what I saw in the trailer, a really high production product, maybe the biggest thing ever come out of Japan.
I must say for me the cherry on the pie would have been Jill and Ada in the trailer.
I think they will be in the game for sure in a way or another, maybe a DLC since we're talking about Capcom.
Anyway, thanks for this Capcom

orange-skittle2287d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

@Omega-You're a true fan and it shows. I also agree that RE6 is going to be huge and one of the biggest games to come out Japan this year. I also agree that Jill and Ada might make it in DLC of they don't touch on them somewhere in the game.

@Pam-You're right...where's Billy. BTW, is Barry still alive?

salinidus2286d ago

check out our gaming channel were discussing resident evil 6 in this episode.

avengers19782286d ago

This is going to be bad ass... RE 6 goes to the top of my wish list

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PamPoovey2287d ago

Chris, oh man...he has been way over used latley. They should of used someone who has been out of action for a long time.

DarkBlood2287d ago

speaking of that be i the only one who wonders where the hell Billy is :P

Legionaire20052287d ago

Claire too man didn't see her since code Veronica maybe in 7 teaming up with Jill.

Tdmd2287d ago


Yes, and after Code Veronica, she was just becoming something of an badass, not just an survivor. Really wish they'd give her a chance to shine again.

thedude442287d ago

gameplay seems too fast paced for me, i miss the old school resident evil games.

SockeyBoy2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

agreed, but at least Capcom have taken us back to zombies! I hope the normal zombies don't run. When walkers slowly hunt you down it seems more of a horror. Please Capcom let there be horror!

thedude442287d ago

yeah i miss the walkers, they made the game more intense than running zombies! crazy but true.

Angrymorgan2287d ago


Totally agree, where's the survival horror?
This just seems like another action game....with zombies.

Sadly the resi I remember died a long time ago :(

Sevir2287d ago

And it seems alot of the complaints against 5 like the tank sluggish movement is gone! This is what resident evil 5 should have been! and it seems its Zombies and las Plagas! So its a conversion of worlds as it seems! I'm totally excited More so than i have ever been for a resident evil game!!! Capcom may have have my money 11-20-2012

kaveti66162287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The fans of the original resident evil probably wouldn't be able to stand playing the original resident evil to this day. You guys are chasing nostalgia. You want to get that feeling back that you had when you were younger, and it's not going to happen. I tried playing Resident Evil 2 three years ago and I couldn't stand it after 20 minutes. The zoomed out camera angles, the rigid movement, the sluggish controls that I didn't even notice or mind when I was a little kid were suddenly unbearable.

Resident Evil 6 isn't casting off what made Resident Evil a good game. Fluid controls and faster pacing are the result of technological advancements in game development. They're not a deliberate "EFF YOU" to the fans of the original. It may be too early to tell, but the trailer showed us zombies, it showed us night time gameplay, and it showed us the potential for some scares. These elements were severely lacking in Resident Evil 5. It seems to me that no matter what Capcom does to address the fans' concerns, a small little hate group will always crop up to poop on the party.

thedude442287d ago

yeah, resident evil isn't what it was back in the day :P

Darkfocus2286d ago

Just replayed the GC RE1 remake the other day. It still holds up.

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adorie2287d ago

I don't think capcom will ever go back to the roots of resident evil. this still looks like RE5 with different scenery and varied characters.

RE will be what it became @ RE4. I can't even take it serious any more, since the main people are no longer with capcom.

OhMyGandhi2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I agree.
to me, that trailer was average, and the music didn't fit the mood at all. I should feel panic and fear, not a moral obligation to suit up and fight in the military. There were more snare drums in this trailer then i've heard in all of the Call of Dutys' combined.

What they showed was an action game. It was an over the top action game where you are not alone, there are at least 10 soldiers per square foot, and the sense of dread/fear was non existent.

I want to play a game that creeps me out.
Did anyone finish this trailer thinking that this game is going to be scary?

it's also amazing that people are saying "wow they went back to zombies"...That's how desperate we are for a developer to stay true to their franchise and their fanbase.

wiggles2287d ago

I'm surprised no one said your action comment sooner. The sound, the gunfights, and the running into cover all scream action games. I am happy to see RE get updated controls, but it's sad to see it looks like there won't be much horror according to this trailer. I hope that they release another trailer showing the emphasis they plan on putting into the horror part of this game.

Tanir2287d ago

guys only reason the walkers seemed scary is because back then the gameplay was slow, clunky, the aiming was non existant aswell as combat, the game was a puzzle game, with zombies as obstacles that you just ran from, didn't shoot.

and buy the time itts RE4 these guys are trained zombie killers, wouldn't make sense if it was slow paced, because leon and chris would decimate all of them with a knife.

thats why their are tons more zombies now and its in a city which is epic, man i cant wait for this!

kparks2287d ago

Agreed im pissed wtf were thery thinking making a run and gun zombie shooter looked like crap 2 me.. Keep it old school

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PCgamer4ever2287d ago

Another action-shooter with zombies.Game-studios have great originality.

Pikajew2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

What else would they use instead of zombies for a game that is not sifi or fantasy? They cant use people and its not an alien invasion game.

Coolmanrico2287d ago

The series has been useing zombies since 1996. Go talk about orginality elsewhere.

Trainz2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Making a Jill Sandwich.

theEx1Le2287d ago

Clearly a few people missed your reference lol.

DW742287d ago

He's in.......a dining room.