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EA stocks fall after concerns about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts Inc stocks fell today after concerns nearly 3% to $17.75 on Thursday morning amid concerns for Star Wars: The Old Republic. (PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic)

Abriael  +   1166d ago
Lol @ "casual observation of early play"

this is laughable.
LightofDarkness  +   1166d ago
You mean you released a game in effectively beta status with poor performance and lacking high-end visual options, asked people to pay full retail price AND a subscription fee, and for some reason not everyone is trampling over eachother for the opportunity to play it?

Well I, for one, am shocked. :p

Anyway, give it time, WoW didn't have 10 million subscribers by the end of its first year, let alone its first month. I hear the game is excellent too, barring the technical niggles, and the only real competition to WoW in years.
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PetitPiPi  +   1166d ago
TBH i'm not impressed with the game. Not sure how many people are going to pay a monthly fee. Not me that's for sure!
OcularVision  +   1166d ago
The voice acting is the only real innovation. It's not really an innovation, it's just that no other publisher spent millions to get some people to read every word of the script.
SKUD  +   1166d ago
Every star wars game is of major concern. The series is dying.
T3MPL3TON  +   1166d ago
I've said it before, I'll say it again. P2P MMO's are dead. Companies need to fully embrace the micro transaction style and they need to do it fast. Nobody wants to pay for a game they already bought monthly.

There needs to be a F2P option no matter what. This game is popular NOW, in 6 months it'll be a barren wasteland. WoW seems to be the only game that has survived the no F2P option but that wont last long as I keep hearing hey plan to do it.
Spinal  +   1165d ago
No. Pay 2 play is fine if your game is good enough. For example the classic mmo Ultima Online is still pay to play after all these years. The realm online considered one of the first Ever mmos still P2P.

F2P mmos suck ass and micro transactions will probably cost you more in the long run. Id rather pay a monthly fee so i know im gettin every aspect of the game than havin to pay to win. Im lookin forward to Guild Wars 2 its goin to be F2P cause the first one was but i really wish it was P2P cause i just dont trust or like micro transactions. I hope GW2 comes with a P2p option.

F2P mmos dont come no where near WoW and good mmos even Aion isnt goin free to play. The failures like dc universe, age of conan, champions online go F2P for a reason not cause its the way forward its cause its the only they will survive in the market now. WoW has proved that Good mmos will live healthy P2P lives.
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kaveti6616  +   1166d ago
I demanded a fully-fledged sequel to the Kotor franchise. That's what I wanted, and I'm sure a lot of other people wanted it, too. I could never understand why Bioware was unwilling to make a regular sequel to Kotor. In my eyes, even the Mass Effect games fall short of the glory of the first Knights of the Old Republic. So, I'm not at all unhappy that the MMO isn't doing so well. But I'm not sure how EA and Bioware will interpret this. They may just think that the Kotor series is unpopular and decide to never consider a proper Kotor 3.
Zentrix  +   1166d ago
I agree knights is better than mass effect, but bioware will not make a kotor 3. They already said the old republic is kotor 3-9 etc. You should have seen the way they handled the revan storyline lol it was so bad, but its already set in stone no kotor 3.
kreate  +   1166d ago
What happened to all those people who were saying this game rocks in earlier articles relating to swtor?
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