Activision Got Sued Over Wii Guitar Hero Mono Sound

Xuecast writes: "Samuel Livingston from San Diego, CA has just filed a class action lawsuit against the giant Santa Monica based video game publisher, Activision. Livingston is suing Activision over the much published fact that the original copies of the Guitar Hero III for Nintendo Wii are only capable of outputting mono sounds".

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texism3814d ago

**** whoever this Livingstone asshole is. What a dipsh**.

OMG it has mono sound! The world is going to blow up now. Shesh. People are just to sue-happy these days.

hektop3814d ago

If they do not let Harmonix release the PS3 patch for GH3/Rock Band that would be the next sue since they allow xbox to do it (wired but non the less)

ruibing3814d ago

Yeah, I am definitely furious at them for what they did. Harmonix and MTV Games had the patch all ready to go before Activision stopped Sony from releasing it to users.

lodossrage3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I have little faith in the justice system as it is because of the stupid things people sue and win over in the past. If THIS guy wins, then I know our justice system will always be a sham.

XxZxX3814d ago

who told you to buy wii. You wanna be cheap but you expect to be good too?? Aint suing waste u more money than buying a PS2??

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