Swanni's 2008 Predictions: Warner Bros. to Endorse Blu-ray

Phillip Swann, president of, has been making predictions about TV technology issues for several years with an incredible rate of success.

For instance, Swanni was the first to say Voom's satellite TV service would fail; that Apple TV would be a bust; and that Interactive TV programs would never reach a mass audience in the United States.

"I'm not always right, but I will put my record up against anyone," Swanni says.

And now, Swanni is kicking off his forecasts for High-Definition TV in the coming year.

The video commentary below includes Swanni's sixth prediction -- Warner Bros. will endorse Blu-ray in the high-def disc format war against HD DVD.

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gamesblow3786d ago

Yup, blu-ray all the way... Toshiba is gonna have to cut ties with their productions... and the cards have been on the table for awhile now. Sony sells their diod plants to Toshiba to better mass produce the chip sets for ps3, without incurring the cost themselves.. the same diodes that go into blu-ray are also being made there.

Toshiba is going to back out of the format war regardless. They're working hand and foot with sony and people don't even see it.

PirateThom3786d ago

Meh, I think what's more likely to happen is a single, standard joint format.

It'll come in purple boxes.

Mark my words.

davez823786d ago

This guy knows what he's talking about

achira3786d ago

blu ray will win! thats nice for all ps3 owners. back to uncharted.

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The story is too old to be commented.