Devil May Cry HD Collection: 99 Achievements

Take a look at the 99 achievements for the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

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Trainz2347d ago

Another day, another port.
That's how capcom rolls.

zeal0us2346d ago

From looking at the screenshots I don't think Crapcom went back and hardly did anything. I seen better looking HD collection than this(no offense to the rest of the DMC fans). I will still get the game though but not on day 1.

EVILDEAD3602346d ago

@ Trainz..

I almost spit out my coffee..funniest statement i've read on here in a long time..+ 80 bubz


CarlitoBrigante2346d ago

If RE HD remakes are an indication how this port is gonna be like, then it will be shit.

Hope they take notes of how Sony handles their HD ports!

Squall50052346d ago

There's 99 Achievements but a bitch ain't one.

Minato-Namikaze2346d ago

Do all 3 games have platinum trophies? Cause the RE HD collection didn't

Tai2346d ago

DMC2:Gold Trophy:Can't take this shit!:Survive 5 minutes of DMC2 without skipping to DMC3 or falling asleep!
DMC2:Gold Trophy:It could always be worse....:Watch a gameplay video of NT's DmC!

Minato-Namikaze2346d ago

They should actually be trophies lol