God of War PSP - do we care?

GamesRadar writes: "Frankly we're not convinced that there's much more to be done with the God of War series on last-gen hardware. Alright, it's pretty impressive that it's managed to squeeze the PS2's premier action series onto the PSP, but is anyone really interested in maneuvering Kratos on the bus? Surely the fantastic God of War II did pretty much everything the mythic brawler can without a SixAxis and 512MB of RAM. We fear Chains of Olympus is just going to tread old ground".

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sonarus3570d ago

i bought a psp the day after this game was announced. i f'in love GOW

Polluted3570d ago

Of course we care. It's freakin' Kratos. I dropped around $600 on a PS3 because I knew GoW: 3 was coming and I'll drop $200 on PSP for this game. God of War kicks ass. 'Nuff said.

c64days3569d ago

lol, who cares about the base franchise coming up to the psp?

(just being sarcastic)

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Charlie26883570d ago

Gamesradar has lately been with such a HUGE pessimism about certain games first MGS4 now GOW:CO? do they even like games anymore? or they just have WAY too much free time >.>

Mr_Kuwabara3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

do we care?

FF7numba13570d ago

thumbs down to you guys that do care. You guys even psp owners/future owners?

c64days3569d ago

who cares of opinion of a guy or magazine, that's hes "opinion" said just to feel impotent.

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The story is too old to be commented.