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In continuing It’s A Gaming World’s predictions of the games that will receive all the honors at the end of 2012; here is our predictions for the Best Graphics of 2012.

Now, more than ever, games are judged for one thing; Graphics. During this generation of consoles we have witnessed some of the most life-life graphics ever seen, not just in cut-scenes, but in actual game play. As this generation of consoles grows ever older, developers are able to refine those graphical skills and perfect them. In the end, no matter who you are, all gamers benefit from this. Here are It’s A Gaming World’s predictions for the Best Graphics of 2012.

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Orpheus2319d ago

This article is a joke.

ATi_Elite2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I agree that this article is a total sham!

What no Metro Last Light or any game using the CryEngine 3?

Have they gone blind and not seen Arma III? the whole game is photo realistic and is giving the current king BF3 PC a run for it's money in it's Alpha state!

CarlitoBrigante2319d ago

The Last of Us WILL have the best graphics in the year it does come out, I have not seen anything like it. The trailer was rendered real time. Those graphics are gonna be insane, you know it will cuz its from Naughty Gods!

Also Mass Effect 3 on the list? Lol, on the PC it has the lowest minimum settings Ive seen in 2 years, DX9? Lol.

Orpheus2319d ago

Lol the World will certainly end in 2012 !!!

DrFUD2318d ago

You got a disagree from a PC owner, but since your comment could be true what does that say about PC games?

h311rais3r2318d ago

ARMAIII takes the cake over all. Puts very other game to shame.

ninjahunter2318d ago

Because the PS3 makes 3 fold graphical jumps every year, am i right? oh wait.. nope, just a cutscene.
"rendered in real time"

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Colwyn2319d ago

I would say "the last guardian, the last of us, ffvs 13, or some ps vita title. We haven't seen a lot of titles to be released yet and halo 4 is coming out this year. It's awesome that the ps vita could support a title that can win graphics of the year.

IGW_Fobia2319d ago

The hardware that is inside the PlayStation Vita is really impressive. Seeing a game on that handheld that could win Best Graphics of the Year would be awesome.

Titanz2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Though I consider a title's visuals, an extra bonus.

thedude442319d ago

on consoles...

i cannot see how Naughty Dog can be topped.

im going

for the

game called the

last of us. because of how good
looked i can imagine how good
this game is going
to look.

Prcko2318d ago

the last of us alrdy is clear winner

Kingdom Come2318d ago

How was your trip to the future?

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The story is too old to be commented.