Internet tricked by fake Gran Turismo 5: Prologue score from Famitsu

Reports that Japanese games magazine Famitsu has given Gran Turismo 5: Prologue a near-perfect score have proven to be false.

News broke yesterday that Weekly Famitsu had given GT5: Prologue – which is due to be released in its native Japan tomorrow – a highly impressive score of 39/40.

However, it now seems these claims were actually a load of porky pies, with Famitsu itself having not reviewed the game at all.

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sonarus3748d ago

haha this ought to be interesting

wil4hire3748d ago

because that stuff looks amazing.

sonarus3748d ago

yea am very very confident in gran turismo lowest possible score for that game would have to be a 36/40 and that would be everyone giving it a 9 cus u cnt play that game and give it anything less than a 9.

ruibing3748d ago

Hmm would I rather the PS3 get a near perfectly reviewed game or an exclusive JRPG? That's a toughie, but it's not like its gonna stop me from getting either when they come out.

Meus Renaissance3748d ago

From the sounds of how this game looks and plays, I don't think anyone expects anything but a fantastic score when it is reviewed. Whether or not it'd be a near perfect score is another matter. But the fact that it didn't surprise anyone when that came out, or for it not to be disputed, shows you the potential of this game.

Mark 13748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Not really surprised. Another day just means more and more lies from both Sony and their fanatics.

Rice3748d ago

I hope this is not true.... This is the reason why i love N4G.

gamesblow3748d ago

I'll laugh if it gets all 10's now...

Relcom3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

That would be awesome and ironic.

spikormikor133748d ago

Awesome, definitely. Ironic? Not in the least.

Relcom3748d ago

fanboys of the 360 after hearing this will say that they knew it didn't deserve the score and then later it gets a better one from famitsu. Yes ironic

Snukadaman3748d ago

most people who own 360's dont care about ps3 scores....we got enough too worry about our own scores for games on 360. just enjoy your game dude.

The_Engineer3748d ago

is proof that xbots are not only retarded but living in complete denial.

Oilers Fan3747d ago

Lol the engineer your the one that is retarted, he din even say anything bad about ps3, yet u still said that he is in "denial."

Amsterdaam3747d ago

You just proved to the entire internet that you are stupid. Do you really think that I, as a 360 owner, give a rat's ass about scores for a system that I do not have? NO! In a couple of years when it goes down in price and has a decent library, I will buy a pS3, just like I did with the PS2. You rabid fanboys need to wake up and smell the corporate world, because it all boils down to this: Microsoft wants your money. Sony wants your money. Neither want to make you happy, they want to make you BUY MORE GAMES AND SYSTEMS! So all you loyalist sheep are fighting for a cause that does not give a crap about you. You are a bunch of dollar signs in the eyes of any corporate executive. You think the CEOs are going to find you, fly you up to live in SonyWorld for being such loyal customers? You think Microsoft is gonna take you out to dinner for fighting for the cause? NO! SO while you sit here and bicker over which console gives you a knob job, they sit on piles of money laughing at you. The End.

RelloC3747d ago

well fvcking said my man. +4u

@engineer - how many times a week is it that you contemplate suicide?

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