15 Rarest & Most Valuable Wii Games

The 15 rarest and most valuable Wii games and what makes them so expensive and hard to find.

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CarlitoBrigante2341d ago

Why is this on N4G? Nothing is spectacular about these prices. He lists the price for a new Tenkaicchi 3 as 130 dollars. But just a quick look on Ebay I could find DBZ Tenkaichi 3 for 25 euros shipped and NEW!

Please N4G do not approve these kind of articles by people who only want to promote their shitty blog. This one is not just shitty, but also lying about the prices.

gigreen2341d ago

The list is for NTSC games, what you linked is a PAL version.

scotchmouth2340d ago /awesomecontribution.htm

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2340d ago

wow carlito ... have you considered getting a job as a detective? you are so cool.

CarlitoBrigante2340d ago

No man, once I make 75,000 bucks, I'm out, going to paradise

jjgames2340d ago

As gigreen said, the article ranks the games by the NTSC prices. Rarity can vary a lot from region to region.

Brad new Dragon Ball Z in the USA sells for $120-130 in the USA. Considering the game originally sold for $50 it is pretty substantial to have increased in price 140%.