Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Launch Announced

SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. have today announced three exciting Sonic the Hedgehog adventures will be available for the PC Digital Download market from today. Modern, retro and a clash of the two come to Sonic the Hedgehog fans on PC.

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geekmandem2314d ago

Press release copy paste?

moosekebabs2313d ago

Everything apart from the last line, nice.

NYC_Gamer2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

wish they would create a decent new sonic game

ATi_Elite2314d ago

So true!

But until then i'm happy playing the original Genesis Sonic on my Emu!

southernbanana2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

In reply to NYC-Gamer, I personally loved Sonic Generations. This game was probably the best Sonic game since the Genesis days. If you haven't tried it I suggest you do because the classic sonic levels were just as good as the Sonic games that were on the Genesis. I would like to add that the "modern Sonic" levels in Sonic Generations were not that great but the Classic Sonic made up for this flaw.