ZTGD | Saints Row: The Third - Genki Bowl VII Review

Michael Futter Writes: Now that the cat is out of the bag, I have no problem reminding you that Saints Row: The Third was my Game of the Year for 2011. Even with the bugs and glitches (I still can’t access the Call in VTOL option), it was thrilling fun from the moment I started through the completion of both endings. I had sucked the marrow from the game’s bones, completing ever side mission and nabbing every collectible. To say that I wanted more was an understatement.

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trikster402313d ago

I love saints row 3, but that dlc was a 5 at best. Finished it in an hour with my friend. 4 new activities and only 2 instances of each. Even the trophies were simple. Gangstas in space better deliver.