THQ working on two unannounced Wii U titles

Nintendo Universe writes:

THQ are currently working on two unannounced titles for Wii U, one of which is a console exclusive.

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Seedhouse1860d ago

Wonder what they'll be, De Blob?

Seedhouse1860d ago

Heh, hadn't thought of that! Has a ring to it ^.^

GameTavern1859d ago

Isn't the studio responsible for de Blob, no more?

MaN_uTd1859d ago

I hope they're games the Wii U can benefit from.

OcularVision1859d ago

Most likely casual games...

DA_SHREDDER1859d ago

Thq are the shit. Every game they put out is solid and fun. Hopefully they wont let us down. I have faith in them. Lovin Saints Row 3 right now.

OcularVision1859d ago

I thought Rare and Ubisoft were the shit. Then they brought us Kinect Sports and Dance Central.

YoungKingDoran1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

i love de blob
im more OCD with de blob than i am with skyrim for some reason

Tenkay231859d ago

The multiplatform one is probably WWE '13. No idea what the exclusive is.

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