New Twisted Metal: Head On PS2 Details, Screens

Sony Computer Entertainment has released another batch of screens and details on Eat Sleep Play's Twisted Metal: Head On: Extra Twisted Edition (PS2).

Due out this spring, the game features all of the content from Incognito's Twisted Metal: Head On (PSP), complete with a new level. The other portion of the game, which is labeled "Lost," includes characters from Twisted Metal: Black (PS2), four "lost" levels designed for the canceled Twisted Metal: Black sequel, and two new vehicles.

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Bathyj3811d ago

Why wasn't this brought straight to PS3. Talk about a online title, it would rock along side Warhawk.

BloodySinner3811d ago

David Jaffe should be working on PS3 games.

rmedtx8883811d ago

I agree, it should have been made for the PS3. But it's good to see that Sony are still supporting PS2.