Activision CEO on How 'Massive Leak' Changed the Launch of 'Modern Warfare III'

When snippets of "Modern Warfare III" leaked onto the web four months before the planned launch of the game, Activision execs went into crisis mode. But what they learned from it is how to live in a world where the fans, not the marketers, control the message, and "Modern Warfare III" became one of the biggest entertainment launches in history.

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Trainz2372d ago

I wish I could take a massive leak on koticks face.

3GenGames2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

As if the story mattered, the leak did nothing, it's a no story. What a joke.

AtomicGerbil2371d ago

Went into crisis mode? Every previous CoD since 4 was a bloody great peak at MW3, what the hell is a couple of small leaks going to add.

Just keep making CoD while Activi$ion is still cracking the whip and throttle down on the dramatics, it's cringe worthy.

Yodagamer2371d ago

New leak for next year, cod 2012 will be like cod mw3

Source- Common Sense

wallis2370d ago

While I loath CoD I can't help but be endeared by this guy's seeming change of pace to Kotick. While I have no doubt he's a business man who's here to make money it's interesting to note that his primary concern was the core fanbase as opposed to the usual "as many freaking people as we can get this to".

Despite being aware 75% of the consumer base for CoD probably had no idea about the leak he still felt like action needed to be taken for the other 25%. This guy seems to understand the importance of one geek who buys CoD 1-8 over the people who buy one game every now and again because it was reccommended by FHM or someone.

Which you would expect from a reasonable businessman - after all if you make golf equipment you sell to golfers, not to their grandmothers in the hope they buy one club and use it to exercise in their living room. And as dickish as Kotick was Activision only do what we let them do. CoD comes out like popcorn because we keep buying. They remake the same game every year because we keep buying it. You can't blame people for taking idiots' money, you've got to blame the idiots who pay 10 quid for a map pack and subscribe to something we've been getting free for decades.

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