Ranking the seven best Zelda games ever

Digitally Downloaded writes: "No series has been this venerated and loved by gamers so universally and it’s a hell of a thing deciding what is better than another, especially when over the 25 year history of Zelda comparing a certain title to another can be like weighing a tonne of apples against a tonne of kumquats."

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Jirachi2254d ago

My favorite zelda games.
1.Tp 2.Ss 3.OoT 4.WW 5.MM 6.Ladx 7.St
now ss is a great game but calling it better then other zeldas isn't true imo.

To me zelda is and always has been about the exploration(gameplay wise) and ss's overworld system is ruined by the cloud areas(literally no enemies outside of one boss fight and only maybe half the islands have a reason to visit more then once)

what it do that only a few zelda games have done(la,loz,oracles) and incorprate puzzles into the overworld which is why i rank it high.
but the sky part of the overworld and the wii motion plus(not against motion but ss doesn't do it perfect and that's why i don't like it) and things like tadtonnes made me dislike it enough to say it's not my favorite zelda

MariaHelFutura2253d ago

I'm in a minority here but my favorite is Windwaker followed by Twilight Princess.

Jirachi2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I'm fine with that the only reason i don't like windwaker as much as tp,oot,and mm is that i feel tp,oot,and mm have better exploration

(i don't dislike the boat,i dislike you can only leave the boat at an island the bird in ss is like that too i'll admit but i enjoyed the flight mechanic,boat travel was just controling the wind and you sail automatically in that dirrection.

if you try to go in another dirrection against the wind you move very slow so you have to change the wind again if you want to move in another dirrection which is why the boat wasn't as fun as the bird imo)

leahcim2253d ago

1.- Links Awakening
2.- OOT
3.- SWS

A7XEric2253d ago

1. Wind Waker
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Skyward Sword

fossilfern2253d ago

1- Majoras Mask
2- ocarina of time
3- Wind Waker
4- Links Awakening
5- Twilight Princess
6- Skyward Sword
7- The Minish Cap

gigreen2253d ago

1. A Link To The Past

That is all.

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The story is too old to be commented.