Alien Breeds: The Evolution Of XCOM’s Enemies

GameInformer: Humanity has been staring at the stars and dreaming for centuries, but it’s not easy to envision what alien life might actually look like. It’s also not easy to resist the urge to try. The designers at Firaxis have the advantage of building off an existing framework, but redesigning 18-year-old character concepts for a modern audience was still no simple task. We chat with Firaxis Lead Designer Jake Solomon and Lead Artist Greg Foertsch about the process of designing the aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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Ravenhoe2345d ago

They are trying really hard to appease all the fans of the old XCOM title, that is pretty impressive. I wonder what they will do with the Cyberdiscs, I am glad the sectoids are back, they were my favourites, even though they were a piece of cake to beat