Shacknews: WorldShift preview and new screens

Shacknews' Chris Remo had the chance to preview WorldShift earlier this week:

"I have to admit; I had fairly average expectations going into a preview demonstration of PC real-time strategy title WorldShift earlier this week. That's not to say I had any actual preconceptions, but I've been shown countless similar-looking RTS games over the years, and let's just say it can frequently be hard to tell them apart.

As it turns out, WorldShift is being developed by Bulgaria-based Black Sea Studios, responsible for 2005's well-received Knights of Honor. This game takes a very different tack to that one; its very videogamey premise sees aliens attacking a far-future Earth where an extraterrestrial shard has turned much of humanity into mutants, and a global plague threatens to dessicate the planet. To my surprise, in certain ways it draws as much from Diablo as from StarCraft, giving the game a unique angle that should help it stand out among its more typical competitors."

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