Hitman: Absolution Q&A: IO Interactive Goes for the Throat

PS Blog: By valuing stealth, careful observation, and meticulous planning over the run-and-gun bulletstorms of its contemporaries, the Hitman series has earned a sizable fan base over its long and celebrated career. As coldblooded antihero Agent 47, the player quietly stalks his prey through a Kafka-esque maze of guards and security measures, donning disguises, blending in with the crowd, and evading or subduing threats in order to efficiently fulfill his latest contract kill. The key phrase here is blending in; in Hitman, to stand out is to be detected, and to be detected is to die in a hail of gunfire.

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Christopher2373d ago

***PSB: Finally, do you think multiplayer is an important feature for a Hitman game?

HA: Agent 47 works alone.***