Top 10 Hardest/Most Rewarding Gaming Challenges

Gamers XTREME: "Many will say games are meant to be played for enjoyment. Others are masochistic and love their gaming challenges, no matter how extreme and demanding the game may be. There are certain games that will push you to the edge more than you can possibly imagine, yet they provide the greatest sense of accomplishment upon completion."

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Inception2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Yeah, Contra: Shattered Soldier is one of the most hardest games that i've ever play >.<
To obtain the true ending, you must get perfect score (an A if i'm not wrong) for every mission. And in the end the three wiseman who control the world will be you're last boss. And they are so f*kin hard >.<

But to me, it's still one of the best contra game i've ever play next to Hardcorps and Alien War ^^

Danteh2193d ago

Nice list! DMC was my first hard challenge ever... I remember when I completed it in DMD mode when I was like 14 yo, damn I was so proud haha!

But I think he forgot the quintessential hard challenge...

God of War II in Titan mode!

I've played many, many hard games since my Dante Must Die adventure 10 years ago, and nothing has tested my skills and patience as much as the Titan mode challenge.
Especially the Translator part, possibly one of the hardest sequences in gaming history (in this difficulty).

Ducky2193d ago

DMC was 10 years ago?

... Oh God.

Korix2193d ago

Did you even read the article?

"In order to see the best ending the game had to offer, you had to complete the game with an S-Rank. To do this, you had to destroy literally everything in a stage to get your Hit Rate to 100 percent. If you died, your Hit Rate percentage would subtract from your overall score. You needed 97% Hit Rate to get S-Rank which left room for only death per level and that’s only if you destroyed everything."

Inception2193d ago

I'm not reading all details in the articles, but my point isn't far from the truth right?

Blaine2193d ago

I remember my first Demon's Souls playthrough, I would pause in front of every fog gate and make sure I was absolutely ready to proceed! Honestly, the levels were actually harder than the bosses in that game, but not knowing what you were going to come up against was pretty terrifying! Especially since you did NOT want to die and have to start the entire level over...

jessupj2193d ago

I have no idea why the author thinks the last boss in demon's souls is a push over.

Coming from a player with 3 separate DS plats, King Allant is the hardest boss in the game.

Blastoise2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

No man you misunderstood. When he says the last boss he doesnt mean King allant (Who is as you said the hardest boss) but the real king allant you fight in "the old one". It wasnt a proper boss it was supposed to show how strong you`ve grown by fighting all the others.
P.S Demons souls is awesome

Anderson82193d ago

i think hes reffering to the real king allant that you find inside the old one... not the false king u fight at 1-4

Philoctetes2193d ago

I'm glad the author likes Demon's Souls, but the last boss wasn't meant to be hard. It's really just there for story purposes instead of a cutscene.

Jamzluminati2193d ago

Old King >>

Screw him. That's what I did with my sword lol.

Saladfax2193d ago

The "final" boss fight is just for story purposes. It's not intended to be a *real* fight by any means, so there's no reason to be disappointed by it.

I suppose they could have relegated the action to a cutscene, but that doesn't seem like something the devs would do.

caseh2193d ago

Allant was probably the hardest boss along with the Penetrat0r! :D

I'm going to say Demon's Souls for me, that was a real mission playing through for the first time.

Outside of that I would have to say Ridge Racer back on the PSX, race where you have to beat the black Devil car. I spent 3 sleepless nights trying to beat that f*cking Devil car. i managed it in the end and the irony is i only used it once as i'd had enough of the game after that. :0

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Hellsvacancy2193d ago

You cant pause Demon's Souls btw

thorstein2193d ago

No, but he is saying he "paused" outside the fog gate to make sure he was ready to go through. Not that he put the game on pause.

Der_Kommandant2193d ago

3 words...

Catherine Hard Mode

vishant1012193d ago

Enchanted arms queen of ice.....

also i am one of those few people that have finished zelda 2 and it was a truely amazing feeling.

soundslike2193d ago

beating veterans in Wipeout HD Fury online Zone Battle.

Yea. No. Not gonna happen.

Those crazy bastards can cruise on zone 100 like its venom class...

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