KINECT: Does It Really Make Your Gaming Experience Better?

While the KINECT device does offer a completely new way in which we interact with our Xbox 360 gaming console, are our gaming experiences actually better with KINECT or just cooler?

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Christopher2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

***better with KINECT or just cooler?***

So those are our choices? Better or cooler?

Okay, that being said...

Kinect is better for dance games, physical fitness training games, and other things that involve one's body being the item that needs to be tracked. It doesn't mean the same when you're just using your fingers to do something that's meant for one's whole body. This is kind of why guitar controllers and drum kits are better than controllers when it comes to rhythm games.

Now, like Mark says in the video, it doesn't make it better to put it into a lot of games, it just makes it optional. And, the problem is, excluding any motion-required functionality, using voice commands and the like isn't really a big selling point of the device when we have voice command capabilities on the smallest of devices with the least bit of processing.

So, Kinect is better when properly implemented. Just like how the Wii controller and/or PS Move are better when properly implemented. But, just implementing things for the sake of being implemented? Not better or cool. And also perceived as a lazy way of making your device look necessary. That's why so many don't care about Move when it's an optional device, not a device with core games built on its use.

memots2374d ago

Wow i want all those bubble too !!!

On topic i agree with you, Even the free xbox headset can do voice recognition. There is nothing revolutionary about Kinect and they should try to tell everyone it is.

Put i disagree on your "tacked on" comment. I think they should add functionality when ever they want and always make optional, there is no such thing as to many option or ways to play a game. Example: I like my Killzone 3 with a controller but also totally enjoyed playing it with The sharpshooter. In fact when i see that a shooter allows to use the sharpshooter ( latest James bond game had it ) it make me consider getting it because the option is there.

Anyway ,,, Now .. Can you tell me your bubble secret ? :P

Christopher2374d ago

Hey, memots. Note I never said "tacked on". What I specifically said was "But, just implementing things for the sake of being implemented? Not better or cool." To me, better would be something that improves on what you could already do with the standard controller. Another way of saying this is optional, but is it really adding anything of value by adding it that you couldn't get with the regular controller?

That's why I believe a lot of Moves haven't really sold, because there hasn't been a strong set of core Move games, but a strong set of core games that offer controls for using the Move in addition to the standard controller. Until Sony comes out with those core Move games, I don't think it's going to do much in the long run.

And, as far as bubbles, I'm a mod so I get the mythical 10. But, before I was a mod, I got to 9 bubbles by either a) posting constructively (others may disagree) or b) bribing mods with free cookies.

Megaton2374d ago

I don't think it makes anything better or cooler. I think a much more realistic tagline is simply "Works With Kinect". Obviously it doesn't pop or promote the item as much as "Better With Kinect", but it's definitely more accurate.

I just don't see how adding voice control to a game or the dashboard is supposed to be "better". Assuming it's 100% responsive, it's still a louder, more obnoxious method that also takes longer than simple button-presses, so it's not even more convenient.

By all means, dance your heart out with your Kinect games, but I don't see any legitimacy to the argument that core games with tacked-on Kinect functionality are somehow "Better With Kinect".

Christopher2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

It's all marketing talk. Sony does the same thing. It's to get people to think that there is something better just by saying it.

Kind of like the idiotic truck commercial I've seen recently where they have it slaloming down a mountain side and ending by doing a twist in the air and landing on its four tires. The video says, wow, my truck can do that otherwise they wouldn't make a video depicting this as such, and then they hide the fact it's not possible in the small text that you can't see.

People, too often in this day and age, really do take what they hear and read as fact without even thinking to research what they are being told. Obama isn't a U.S. citizen. Diet pills will make you lose 80 lbs. in only a year. This one machine will give you six-pack abs, toned gluts, and more. Only on PS3. There's an app for that. A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price [re: iPad]. On and on. People are continually lied to about products, but they still take them at their word without much thought.

Megaton2374d ago

Right. PR speak gets on my nerves. I see what they did there, and I don't like it.

TenSteps2374d ago

I dare you to use up all your bubbles in this article.

Parapraxis2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

"KINECT: Does It Really Make Your Gaming Experience Better?"


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Venjense2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Depends, if it was $39.99 then yeah, but if I paid $150 for a microphone, I'd feel too ripped off to think it made anything better.

Fact is, Kinect has no games/features that justify its price IMO.

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