New Hard Reset: Extended Edition Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Kalypso Media has released some new images from their upcoming first-person cyberpunk shooter – Hard Reset: Extended Edition. The new screens feature some of the new enemies and environments to be shown in the upcoming game for Windows PC. Hard Reset: Extended Edition drops players into a rich cyberpunk world where cybernetic hordes of enemies must be destroyed with a variety of high-tech weaponry."

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Cajun Chicken2343d ago

This better get put up on Steam either as free patch or cheap DLC.

john22343d ago

yeah, I'll be really pissed if Kalypso does not release it for free for all of us that have already bought the digital version of it

NuclearDuke2342d ago

"Yo Audi, I am real pissed that you do not exchange my 2002 A4 with that new 2009 A4 as I bought your car already".

Don't expect anything. The extended edition is already told to come to Steam, if it's free or paid DLC is unknown at the moment.