IGN: I Cannot Wait to Replay Jak and Daxter

Jack DeVries:

" The point is, the Jak series is something I hold very dear. It's the reason I bought a PS2, it's the reason I have the dumbest screen name of any IGN editor, and it's the reason I am finally excited about an HD collection."

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ChiVoLok02227d ago

I freakin miss these games. Back when Naughty Dog was underrated

Trainz2227d ago

How times have changed...

LiamIRL822227d ago

The first Jak & Daxter is amazing, not a fan of 2 & 3.

2227d ago
Swiggins2227d ago

Ahhhh Jak and Daxter, good times, good times.

Cajun Chicken2227d ago

Can't wait to play these again too!

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