5 Reasons Why Nintendo Must Price The Wii U Below $300

Nintendo is preparing as a company to once again show why they are the leaders of the gaming industry, as they gear up to release the successor to the highly-popular Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo has many hurdles it is facing though with the Wii U, and we have highlighted our top five reasons why we believe Nintendo has to keep the price point below $300 at launch for it to truly be a success right out of the gate.

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Khordchange2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I agree with all the points. Just look at before and after the price cut for the 3DS. Not selling well, then all the sudden breaking sales records.

and do you mean 299 or less? Because 299 would be a nice price point

morkendo232287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

199 or 239 is a great EXCELLENT start.
competing with ps4, 720 that is.

Tenkay232287d ago

I like your reasons but Nintendo does not share your sentiments. When they say the Wii U won't be cheap, that says $350 or more to me. An expensive console to me is &400+. Let's just say between $350-$400 for the Wii U.

bergoo2287d ago

Do you think people will expect a price drop in a few months no matter what the launch price? Since the 3DS price drop was such big news, I wonder if, no matter what the WiiU launch price, people will expect a price drop in a few months after release.

vicbomb52287d ago

I feel as if $350 - $400 is too much for the Wii U, they need to establish an installed user base quickly to gain an edge on the PS4 / Xbox 720 before they come out at likely similar price points.

A $299 price point would be best here.

Sano642287d ago

If they have a strong enough launch linup along with a great game bundle I can see them getting away with selling it for $400-450 USD. There is no way this thing should cost less then an ipad

Shackdaddy8362287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Considering they started the 3ds at $250, it's EXTREMELY unlikely that it will be less than $300. I'm thinking anywhere between $350-$450 depending on what type of console this turns out to be.

PopRocks3592287d ago

Nintendo never sells at a loss. Not unless they absolutely need to.

vicbomb52287d ago

very good point that is true, Nintendo is not known for taking a loss on consoles.

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