PS3 exclusive RPG Toki to Towa debut screenshots

The first screenshots of Imageepoch's new PS3 RPG.

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Stunt2102d ago

It looks spectacular.

jacksonmichael2102d ago

It really does. Hey, look - we can comment again!

Xandet2095d ago

It's never too early to campaign for a release outside Japan! Start spamming @namcobandai with requests!

ps3dude442102d ago

they never end do they ;)

rhap2102d ago

Looking forward to this game. Is the first picture an in-game screenshot?

RAM-352102d ago

Fucking PS3 exclusives i need ps3. :(

Inception2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

2012 is a hot year for JRPG's!

We have:

- Tales of Graces F (Namco)
- Tales of Innocence R (Namco)
- Tales of Abyss 3DS (Namco)
- Ni no Kuni (Level 5)
- FF XIII-2 (SE)
- KH 3D (SE)
- The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen (NIS)
- Grand Knight History (Vanillaware)
- Tokitowa / Time and Eternity (Namco-Imagepooch)
- Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time (Atlus)
- Gungnir (Atlus)
- Persona 4: The Golden (Atlus)
- New Suikoden (Konami)
and many more!

Well, JRPG's are dead??? I don't think so ;)

kreate2102d ago

Yea but other than a few of those listed. Whose gonna buy them in america?

Hicken2101d ago

I will, for one. Please, don't make that assumption that everyone here only plays shooters; more than a few of us play other things, and lots of us play everything BUT shooters.

Do I play Battlefield and the like? Sure.

But I've put more hours into Valkyria Chronicles than any FPS this gen, and I only started playing FPS this gen.

What I really want off that list:

Tales of Graces/Innocence
Ni no Kuni
P4: The Golden

And some that aren't even listed. And the majority of my gaming friends are interested in the same.

kreate2101d ago


than we need more ppl like u in america

coryok2102d ago

new suikoden? i havnt heard about this, link?

Inception2102d ago

Who's gonna buy them in america? RPG fans of course. And don't tell me there's no single JRPG fans in america, cause FF XIII, Catherine, and Dark Souls sold a lot in uncle sam country.

Here here

Disccordia2101d ago

I vest most of them won't see a release outside Japan

coryok2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

thanks! looks great, hopes it gets localized with a psn release so i can play it on vita :)

youre a gentleman and a scholar

btw, im american and will probably buy quite a bit of the games you listed, depending on which platform theyre released on

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