Why a Single Console Future is Not a Good Thing

There is this notion that surfaces every so often that we’ll eventually hit some sort of a utopia, where there will only be one true platform for your games.

Previous hypothesising has presented many different theories on the logistics: Could there be one traditional gaming system in today’s mould that everyone else develops for? Would there be hundreds of different gaming systems from different electronics manufacturers, but the media between then remains the same, much in the same way as how DVD, Blu-Ray, and even PC gaming has operated since, well, forever?

More recently, we’ve heard more predictions that better fit the latter option, thanks mostly to the introduction of digital distribution. With services like OnLive already offering you the ability to play the same games over a multitude of systems via a cloud-streaming interface, it adds credence to the fact that if successful, the industry could take an eventual step towards that direction. Especially as we delve further into the digital age.

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AgentWD402346d ago

competition is a good thing, I hope Microsoft and Sony continue to push each other onto bigger and better things which will benefit us gamers and give the fan boys there next topic to battle over :)

X_GAMER_X2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Agree :D