Media Create hardware sales (1/9 – 1/15)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Dark3602253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Numbers from last week:

3DS – 240,819

Vita – 42,915

Numbers from this week:

3DS – 100,668

Vita – 18,361

Sony Vita needs AAA Games ASAP.

ozstar2253d ago


Its the end of the holiday in japan. As long as the numbers don't drop too much more, especially for Vita, both will do ok.

3DS drop is quite alot btw, but its approximately in line with Vita's drop.

PSVITAlitysensor2253d ago

Vita is failing hard... hope it does better than GameCube.

moparful992253d ago

The 3ds drops 140k and you call out the vita??

ozstar2253d ago

Called out both actually, and the Vita can't drop much more than where its at this week (assumed that would be obvious).

ronin4life2253d ago

For the vita selling what it was selling to drop by 50% is pretty bad, but a 50% drop for the 3ds still leaves it at the top and selling better than the vita has yet to do in a single week post launch.

moparful992252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

@ozstar I was talking to DARK360... Yes the vita numbers have fallen off hard but so have the 3ds numbers..

@ronin4life But you and others convienently forget that the 3ds is a year old had a HUGE price cut to keep it afloat as well as the better catalog of games due to being out longer... This exact same scenario played out with the ps3 and 360. Despite being more expensive and less games sony doesn't just GIVE UP on their hardware. As the games come and the costs drop the vita will gain sales..

Razongunz2253d ago

i don't give a crap on how much its gonna drop, the ps vita is gonna be allright it an amazing hardware and it doesnt need to sell well to be successful, for me the vita was allready successful the moment i saw the device.

so i'm gonna enjoy this one when i get it :)

2253d ago
MasterCornholio2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

It's a bit early to judge Vita sales so I don't see a point in criticizing it until it's been out at least 6 months on the market. Not surprised by the drops because the holiday season is over and we will not see a massive increase of sales until next season.

Btw I just found out than at N4G you can't even have a sense of humor. The minute you joke about something people drop your bubble count which is what happened to me. Oh well time to work hard and get my bubbles back.


Half-Mafia2252d ago

clue Vita doomed articles. :)

Wipeout 2048 came out in Japan today, yes its still not a very japanese type game but Vita sales should go up for this week.