The Weekly Geek: AMY Review

So while the host is away- everything decides to go to crap. Ian churns out 20mins of sweet sweet audio, a review of the new arcade game AMY before we return proper tomorrow night 18/1/2012 AEST

Christof is currently in a comedy stand off, or stand up or something making people laugh, and on Thursday playing The Darkness 2 comic book/game tie in, in the city at a charity event. So enjoy the Review of AMY for TripleH 100.1 FM

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Ness-Psi2376d ago

wow these guys are tempting fate with a score like that lol.

Iancranium2376d ago

Eh naw cummon. I think the game is PLAYABLE and for a small new studio it's AMBITIOUS and better than some other ARCADE games. Also is cheaper.
It WORKS. And it made me jump. So no, It's def not greater than the sum of it's part, but it's also not completely broken