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A portion of Rewind Replay's preview: "Presentation however is where the preview didn’t impress me. Graphics are 5 years too late, and some really cheesy sound FX plague removed me from the immersion (just break a jar and you will see what I am talking about). On top of that the PC version has a lot of graphical glitches, heads are missing sometimes, and mouths sometimes don’t move when their suppose to."

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SP3333D-O2227d ago

Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. I was really looking forward to this but have to admit I was a little disappointed by the demo. Wasn't expecting Skyrim and actually enjoyed the colorful palette and action-packed combat, but the game just seems to need a few more rounds of polish.

Captain Qwark 92227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

i liked it way more than skyrim personally. skyrim is a boring shadow of what elder scrolls used to be. that series has declined with with the last two pretty badly. skyrim introduced nothing new but dragon shouts, all of which were covered with spells before anyway. combat wise, the melee is still meh and there still isnt that much unique loot. quests are all boring and story is meh and despite improved dungeons, they're still pretty boring too. oh and all you have are bandits, dragons, wolves, bears, deers, giants, crabs, and mammoths to kill. most of which dont attack you and are pointless...aside from a gorgeous facelift, skyrim was a waste.

this games cutscenes/quest are already more interesting, combat is way more varied, and there seems to be and endless amoount of loot. the dungeons are decent and the graphics are bright and wonderful, tons of different enemies and decently challenging. does need a penalty for dying though....much improved over skyrim in every way

ill be buying this day one, skyrim got shelved after 40hrs when i relized its garbage, esp compared to dark souls which i just finished before it and with this coming out, i have no reason to ever return