No demo for Tales of Graces F

Gamekyo: While the RPG does not lend itself necessarily, it's always nice to be entitled to a playable demo before the release, the kind a dungeon and a boss, just to check out the combat system and the technical quality.

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Slade2250d ago

for rpgs its a waste of time

MariaHelFutura2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Nope. This is a bad move, IMO. For example the KoA:R demo got a lot of people excited for the game. Plus, releasing so close to FF (which has brand recognition, regardless) a demo would be a good idea, because Tales is probably the better game anyway.

Why o why2250d ago

not for me there not...

Slade2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Dont know what forums you are on but after playing the KoA demo most peopel see it for the generic and lame looking piece of garbage it is. I havent played it but thats what Ive heard.

And people who know tales are going to buy this game, they dont need a demo

only someone who doesnt know rpgs would need one

at below,

this is the problem, people dont research series before hand and lack knowledge about all games

SnipeySnake2250d ago

No this game definitely needs a demo, I've only recently found out about the tales series and I've become a big fan of it already. What convinced me to get this game was playing the japanese demo.

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ceedubya92250d ago

I think most of us know what to expect. Looking forward to this one.

JadedWriter2250d ago

I was going to buy this game without the demo. Loved Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia, getting Abyss on my 3DS in February. I just needed it to be released here, pretty sure it's a day one buy.

Megaman_nerd2250d ago

Vesperia, Symphonia and Abyss are some of the best Tales games but sadly Graces is not. =/

SOD_Delta2250d ago

Anyone know the NA release date?

SOD_Delta2250d ago

Ugh. Why March sooooo many games is March and I really want this. Thank you for the info.

Inception2250d ago

13 March for NA

And yeah, march is pack with a lot of games. SH Downpour, SH HD collection, NG 3, ME 3, etc.

Relientk772250d ago

It doesnt bother me because I will buy this game.

However, this sucks for people who wanted to try this game.

If you like RPGs/JRPGs though I think you should pick this game up.