Official Sonic the Hedgehog Webstore Launched

SEGA Europe Ltd. and RHM Solutions have today launched the full official online store for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise in Europe. To celebrate there will be a fantastic offer of 15% discount across all stock available (excluding items already discounted). Although currently only live in Europe, plans are in place to launch a similar store for the USA and other American markets at a later date.

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danielle0072370d ago

Do you also get a discount on your car insurance?


tigertron2370d ago

I am tempted to buy that Sonic blue face t-shirt.

LFC1EE2369d ago

He won't go away! why? because we all got sonic in our hearts, the sega master system and the sega megadrive those were the days, but i prefered sonic on the sega master system.

llMurcielagoll2369d ago

Old news, I think I saw they very same article here on N4G months ago.

Although, it is still good having to remind people that the official Sonic the Hedgehog store is live.

As soon as I found out about it I bought me the complete DVD set of Adventures of Sonic that most online retailers don't have, they normally have the DVD set that includes probably half of the full set 25 episodes or so. the FULL Set is 65 EPISODES!

Thank you!

Pikajew2369d ago

And they sell everything but Sonic games.