6.1 Reasons Why the Wii U and Dreamcast Are Alike

Meodia inspects the many suspicious similarities between Nintendo's new console the 'Wii U' and Sega's 'Dreamcast'.

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MariaHelFutura2226d ago

LOL. I just made a comment saying this 15mins ago, in a different thread. Anyway, what I was saying is the WiiU controller looks to be the evolution of the Dreamcast controller, which was a great controller and a great idea in general. It was great, it would display different stats that you would normally have to pause the game to see. An example would be the first NBA2K you could see you line-ups stamina or stats by just glancing at the controller, which was an innovative/cool feature. Some games would unlock mini-games for the memory card (the screen in the controller). I want to see more about this console.

Yodagamer2226d ago

wow i know this is for fun, but the samething could be said about the 360 minus the screen

SleazyChimp2226d ago

Now thats just funny! Great piece.

stragomccloud2225d ago

That last one had me laughing for a while!
Great read!

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