The Last of Us - New information about the game

New information straight from the Polish press.

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Stuart57562252d ago

One of the points read:

'Those who survived the struggle for survival.'


I'll invent one.

'Some died in the struggle, it was a struggle and they died'.

Megaman_nerd2252d ago

The interesting part is that ND is not only working on The Last of Us but that there is another game in production at the same time. I hope is not Uncharted 4 though. The next Uncharted game should be on a next gen console.

GribbleGrunger2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

i've been considering this quite a lot lately. what if Sony studios are working on two versions of the same game? imagine Uncharted 4 running at 30fps in 720p but ND have the assets to allow it to run at 60fps in 1080p with better textures... with HD remakes of PS2 games, doesn't it make sense to do that and then release it on PS4 when it eventually arrives? i'm not saying there shouldn't be PS4 specific games, just that it would be a great move.

if you already had the game you would log on to psn once you got your PS4 and download the update

metsgaming2251d ago

that would be a waste tbh. If they will work on Uncharted 4 i hope its for the PS4. If its too early they should make jak 4 or another new ip. Then make Uncharted 4 for the ps4.

2251d ago
megaworm252251d ago

"Prime Minister of the game will take place in late 2012 or early 2013"


Kur02251d ago

Probably means the release date.

tarbis2251d ago

I was about to ask that. LOL!

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