Amy devs: Still being mauled at the core for their "Hard Game"

Amy seems to be drawing a lot of attention recently, especially due to the amount of bad press that it has received of late. IGN gave it a painful 2/10, while Eurogamer lambasted it with a 2/10; however, it does not stop there as Worthplaying also slammed it to the ground with another 2/10.

Scrolling through the comments section, on the developers post on Facebook, ITF Gaming came across some interesting comments. While some of the comments are rather negative, some do seem positive.

“Dark Souls is difficult, changing flights in the Atlanta airport is difficult, playing AMY is NOT DIFFICULT, is actually quite easy if the product was finished. Is simple, is called PLAYCENTRIC approach to game design, test your game through the ENTIRE production, not just at the end. Amy had potential, but it fails in almost every level.”

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honkyjesus2289d ago

Amy is about the equivalent of The Hangover 2. In other words, it is pretty terrible, and there must be some bonus for finishing it.

zeal0us2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I think Amy got The Hangover 2 beat.

People knew HO2 wouldn't probably be good as part 1 seeing some to most sequels these days suck(movie-wise).

People was excited for Amy, with all the hype and etc that was surrounding it. Then end up getting this crap.
The human is basically the reviewers the donkey is the developers.

Der_Kommandant2289d ago

Amy devs should go Blackout... forever

2289d ago
Pintheshadows2289d ago

Reminds me of the Hydrophobia furore.