Should Valve make Portal 3?

Portal – A Name that has fascinated millions of people, a game that has addicted hundreds of thousands of people,and grabbed several awards including GOTY awards. Portal was released in 2007 by Valve,it was well-received by the critics and adored by the gamers. It garnered millions of dollars for the developers and the publishers and left the gamers wanting for more. It came as no surprise that Valve announced a sequel to the much loved Portal. The sequel was announced as ‘Portal 2'...

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NYC_Gamer2374d ago

only after episode 3 is finished and able to be brought

lilsamurai2374d ago

i think they should take their time with it!

Spacemagic2374d ago

...portal 2: episode 1...portal 2: episode 2...amirite?

MrGunny942374d ago


Couldn't agree more with you... The years that have been since i played Half Life2... I miss a game that makes me a impact like HL did, when i played it... But the problem is... the stage that the Games Industry is... With COD style selling like millions...

I'm afraid they change the Half Life to something look like this current generation... adapting to the audience..

lilsamurai2374d ago

I doubt that. Valve doesn't care about other games or what games sell. They just do their thing and come up with something thats super awesome and money-generating as well as innovative!

peowpeow2374d ago

Valve have not broken any of their franchises to appease the duh-brain crowd as of now. I have faith in them

enfestid2374d ago


Easiest response ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.