3DS Demos Launch in eShop Tomorrow - Nintendo Life

3DS users can download free demos tomorrow – find out what's available and where!

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PersonMan2377d ago

N4G is currently down but I can still comment because I'm using the mobile site (which is not down). Hehe.

Jobesy2376d ago

I only use the mobile version and I was wondering why there was a lack of new stories.

mshope102376d ago

i can't wait till 12pm tomorrow because getting to play resident evil R. early for free is awesome!and i think nintendo picked the best game to start there demo service off right!

now we get 3d pics,3d videos,and 3d demos on the e-shop it's really picking up!and there's a bi-weekly nintendo show 3d that streams for free in great 3d,and the 3dsware e-shop games have some of the best 3d gaming ive seen sense they don't have to worry as much about if people will use the 3d.and the virtual console games from gameboy,gameboy color have been great too!then you throw in dsiware,and 3d classics you got a great online digtal store!it's got pics,vids,demos and alot are in neat little apps the e-shop gets better and better every week!!

GraveLord2376d ago

Wow. The Vita had demos before the 3DS.........

eferreira2376d ago

DEMOS!!!!! welcome to the future with nintendo lol. Relax fanboys.

RufustheSage2376d ago

Well it's about time, can't wait.

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