Top 3 Easiest Platinums of 2011

You looking for your next game to Platinum? Or are you still are searching for your first? I’m here to help you be the biggest Trophy Whore you can be. With 2011 being one of the best gaming years I remember, we also got some of the easiest games to platinum. Yes some of these games may be embarrassing to play online, but a real Trophy Whore does not care about these things. So get your Trophies sync up and get to the whoring.

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Darth Stewie2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Here is their 3 -
#3The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns
#2Cabala’s Adventure Camp
#3 Dark Souls. JK #3 NCIS

brodychet2250d ago

My easiest Platinum was seriously Dark Souls, I had played it so much I kinda stumbled upon it.

dc12250d ago

You can't stumble on the plat for dark souls!!
It takes a minimum of 2 NG+s and a deliberate number of actions and sequenced collectables to achieve fact I would say that the plat for DS is unobtainable outside of the walkthrough book or a very good guide. I have the Plat, blood, sweat and tears to show for it. What a great game!!!!

brodychet2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Disagrees? It's what happened. Regardless of what you think, I'm on NG+++++ and yes i stumbled on it. Not being into platinums, it just happened out of my sheer curiosity for every aspect of the game. That is exactly what happened.

@dc1, a bit dramatic don't you think? It's a game bro.

Ares84HU2250d ago

No, they aren't easy platinums. They would be a pain to get platinum out of those games since I would not enjoy a second of gameplay. Easiest trophy comes from a game that you enjoy playing a lot.

CynicalVision2250d ago

I agree with this, my easiest platinum was Infamous 2..mainly because I couldn't stop playing because it was so much fun. I would probably get bored of playing games like NCIS and wouldn't even want to finish them.

wedgie2250d ago

Agreed CynicalVision and Ares84. Just got the inFAMOUS 2 platinum, which was just a fun one to get, and soon I am going to go back and get UC3. All I have left is crushing, but going to enjoy it anyway

admiralvic2250d ago

Then you didn't play Tekken Tag lol. It could be done in under an hour with skill and under five without.

MoreRPG2250d ago

easy platinum for me(from games you actually enjoy):
Assassins Creed 2
Uncharted series
Fallout 3

Acquiescence2250d ago

Sage words. Everyone always raves about how difficult the platinum for Mirror's Edge is, yet I obtained it in 6 days from beginning to end, just because I enjoyed the whole experience so dang much. It's true that, regardless of supposed difficulty, if you enjoy a game then the platinum can be easy.

trenso2250d ago

@cynical mine too and is my fastest one too great game

torchic2250d ago

I enjoy Battlefield 3 a lot but that platinum trophy is as hard as f*ck

would rather try these games out.

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Freddy_Millz12250d ago

So tired of *Top 3-10 list of why...* articles.
Shlts not cute at all and brings nothing new to gaming news.

If u actually click on the article (Why the F would u do that), u find that everything in the lists licks ballz anyway. Every time, every case.
Inexperienced journalists, trolling for hits...

PCE2250d ago

This is why kids games shouldn't be on the PS3. They should be on the Leapster instead.

spacedelete2250d ago

kids games should stay on the wii and 360 were they belong.

Blastoise2250d ago

Hey kids games can be good! they dont all have to be trash. Looks at little big planet, mario & toy story. All those are great for kids but older people could still enjoy them

soraalam12250d ago

I don't classify LBP as a "kids" game.

Fylus2250d ago

Agreed with Sora. I've seen some of the most perverting adulterated creations on community levels in LittleBigPlanet.

admiralvic2250d ago

Any list that doesnt have Tekken Hybrid (Tag Tourny 1) is doing it wrong... there are people who platinumed it in under 2 hours... (fastest time is like 54 minutes)

KwietStorm2250d ago

lol 54 minutes? What does it have you do, press square for every character through their campaign?

admiralvic2250d ago

Do X thing Y times.
Score 200 at bowling.
Win like 10 fights in survival.
Beat the arcade on hardest.
Win time attack in under 6 minutes.

It is a LOT harder if you lack skills, but even without them it can easily be accomplished in a few hours. 50 people did it in under 3 hours to give you an idea lol

fedex6822250d ago

Even in those easy platinums on sly collection, I only have the one for sly!

dc12250d ago

Fun easy ...and at times very difficult. I wouldn't say it was a piece of cake.

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