Square Enix Keeping Final Fantasy X HD Close to Home

Square Enix have confirmed that the Final Fantasy X HD remake will be handled by their own first production department.

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tarbis2347d ago

A PS3 and PSV bundle would be great. And having interchangeable saves with both would be great.

Kurisu2347d ago

I would love for that to happen, and it would make so much sense for them to do that.

Misterhbk2347d ago

it would make so much sense that they probably won't do it sadly. Either way I'm so excited for this game. Only thing is now I feel like it may not be released in 2012

moosekebabs2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Can you imagine? that would be the most unputdownable thing ever, just switch back and forth between handheld and console.

Even if it stalls the release by a little while (this is Final Fantasy after all, it's going to take a while anyway) it would be fantastic if it happened.