Internet Blackout, Gamers Fight Back

January 18th, 2012 is a day that won't be forgotten. Gamers, Google, Wikepedia and others are fighting back against our rights to the freedom of speech and the integrity of the internet as we now now it. Controversial as sharing music or video game content is on YouTube, it's important to know what's valuable to our country and this objective report attempts to sum it all up.

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JerryMatters2346d ago

I dont think posting a gameplay video on YouTube should be a violation of copyright, but I can see their point about how it could hurt sales or purchases if the ENTIRE game is posted on YouTube.

tigertron2346d ago

but then you miss out on playing it. What retard would watch the game being played and not buy it, if they thought it looked good?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2346d ago

Ask the Kingdom Hearts fanbase.

rezzah2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

I never played them all, but did read the stories of the KH games not owned on wiki.

It attempts (succeeds for others) for you to purchase various gaming systems in order to learn of the entire story.

Imagine owning a system or handheld for 1 game.
This is the point.

And no you can't use the excuse that there are other games that person would enjoy because money is a limit for various people.

We cannot point fingers and tell them what is also affordable in our eyes, so that they should have enough to buy it...again for that game only.

Also why wait year for the system to lower below $100 (which it likely won't do within 5 years) when you can either learn of the story on youtube or Wikipedia?

In this case I believe the problem to not be the possible consumer, but the decision of the developer to span their series of an average of 1 game per system (america).

Kevin ButIer2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

that bat in the pic is epic... meme please

orange-skittle2345d ago

That's not a bat you moron, it's a honey badger! Boy are you stupid. They used a honey badger because it's the most "I DONT GIVE A F-CK" animal in the world. Youtube it and see why. Impervious to poison, be stings, and toxins. It will not back down to anything and will kill just because. Looks like a skunk and ferocious like a wolverine.

gaden_malak2345d ago

And friendly as anything. Got to pat one in Cape Town.

Tainted Gene2344d ago

@Orange Skittle and Kevin Butler

*que jingle*

The More You Know...

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CarlitoBrigante2346d ago

People can post the FK they want, if you dont wanna watch the whole game on youtube then don't watch it.

No need to write a whole article telling us whats "valuable for the country" LOL

jeeves862345d ago

If SOPA/PIPA were to pass into legislation, then no, you 'couldn't post whatever the fuck you wanted because more than half of what people post online could be considered some sort of copyright infringement. The broad language of the bill is what's alarming.

I honestly can't think of a site that wouldn't be affected by this kind of legislation. The fact that so many brush it off so callously is...also a little alarming. Even if only because you may not understand the full extent of it.

IcarusOne2345d ago

Carlito, you need to wake up and become aware of these bills and the damage they could cause if passed into law. Jeeves is totally right. As for this article...

"...are fighting back against our rights to the freedom of speech and the integrity of the internet as we now now it."

The author lost all my respect with this one sentence. Proofread your shit, gentlemen. I weep for the written language sometimes.

CarlitoBrigante2345d ago

Guys I'm not supporting the SOPA facists, I'm against these people who act like the lapdog of SOPA supporters, who try to dictate us what can and what can't be uploaded to the internet.

SilentNegotiator2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Whose fault is that? The developers for making a movie instead of a game, that's who.

Anyway, people not against SOPA/PIPA have no idea what it entails and don't realize that it was written by Hollywood, FOR Hollywood. Hollywood executives would LOVE the power to shut down your site without taking it to court and have you thrown in jail for theoretical financial loss, but it won't happen if the internet has anything to say about it.

bozebo2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

"executives would LOVE the power to shut down your site without taking it to court and have you thrown in jail for theoretical financial loss"

this ^

But yeah here is where SOPA is just stupid:
You can write in a magazine or announce openly in the street etc. bad things about a company/product as usual, but if you post it online you may be f*ck$d.

Then there's the fact that piracy is impossible to prevent, though they can make deterrents and some movements to reduce it; it has to be done with care and understanding - which governments just don't have when it comes to these things.

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NewZealander2346d ago

I use you tube to help find in game hidden items, does this mean if this law goes through I wont be able to do that? dumb bill if you ask me.

SilentNegotiator2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

And Youtube could be taken down forcibly, and the poster of game walkthroughs could go to prison if they got caught with 10 "violations"

PENGUINKK2345d ago

That's just for PIPA. I believe with SOPA it only takes one violation.

IcarusOne2345d ago

Dumb doesn't describe it. Greedy, unconstitutional, and totalitarian are better adjectives.

tigertron2346d ago

All I know is that Youtube will get worse. Its already run by corporations and we've got way too many adverts as it is. Watching adverts before the videos really irritate me.

Dee_912345d ago

I dont even watch videos on youtube anymore.

_Aarix_2345d ago

I either use adblock or use the youtube app on my phone.

banjadude2345d ago

Ha, I know what you mean. I recently formated my PC and forgot to install Adblock. Dear Lord, youtube is an AD nest!

tigertron2345d ago

Thanks for letting me know about Adblock, I can't believe I didn't know about it! I've just installed it. =]

BiggsnWedge2345d ago

adblock is your friend yo. I never have firefox on without it.

bozebo2345d ago

tbph Youtube is probably very costly to run. They need those adverts to sustain it (though yes, they will be pulling a healthy profit too).

The thing I hate is that they will never make a system to vote off troll videos because they extend the time you are on the site >_<

But that might be caus I use adblock and am not suffering from the adverts... yes, I'm a hypocrite but what of it? :D

mynameisEvil2345d ago

Is AdBlock on Chrome? Because YouTube is really starting to piss me off more and more.

The irony is that the company that's pissing me off has the browser I'm using. Damn you, Google, for making my web surfing faster! DAMN YOU. NOW GIVE ME MY TUBE OF YOU BACK.

bozebo2345d ago

It wasn't available on chrome last time I checked :(

Or at least, the really awesome version that works nearly perfectly and blocks video adverts too :D

rattletop2345d ago

yes. it is. it's been on the chrome web store for more than a year now. i am currently suing chrome and it's absolutely ad free

roguewarrior2345d ago

rattletops right its been there for a while, but the firefox implantation was superior, don't know if it still is. Furthermore, AdBlock doesn't block the embedded Ads( the little yellow line in seek bar that triggers a popup ad) in chrome, in my experience anyway.

Asgaro2345d ago

Lol, you can soo easily circumvent that.
Google "adblock plus".

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NYC_Gamer2346d ago

fk internet censorship.the author of this article wants that lock down version of the web that's used in china.

JerryMatters2345d ago

Actually it looks like the author tried to be diplomatic about it on both sides. One side is fair rights, and the other is the fair rights of creators. If we want to enjoy expensive entertainment it needs to be paid for. The problem with all three solutions (bills) is that no matter how to you try to enforce illegal sharing bit torrent sites, the more you take down, the more that will continue to appear. They are like cockroaches, or drug dealers.

Hozi2345d ago

Developers need to have better protection for their content. It's not our fault they let people steal copies of they product. They make millions if not billions of dollars in the entertainment industry today. They are set. But we the little people actually use the internet for beneficial purposes sometimes making our living via the internet. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Rights.

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