8 Best Gaming Villains

When there is a good guy, there is always a bad guy. The characters you love to hate the villains, whether they are trying to take over the world or in search of awesome powers. So today we are going to take a look at the eight best gaming villains. Let’s see how many of you agree with me.

This is the list of some bad villains and let us know which villains you think are bad then all of them.

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brish2350d ago

Bobby Kotick is the best gaming villain.

krazykombatant2349d ago

Kerrigan used to be such an evil manipulative B!tch back in SC and SC:Brood War. I personally found the writting for SC2 to be a bit childish and it lacked the seriousness and mature aspect about it, here's hoping they go back to a more mature story and character development for SC2:HoTS