New Twisted Metal Video Tease

TPG: David Jaffe shares a short tease of what the marketing team shot down in Vegas last week for the upcoming PS3 exclusive, Twisted Metal.

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KingOptimus7772344d ago

Jaffe looks tired must be putting a lot work into the game.

Septic2344d ago

He seems like a nice chap and also really committed to the game. I can't wait to see what this live action trailer will turn out like.

This game is gonna rock.

Legionaire20052344d ago

Sony gonna market the hell out this game next month. This game Twisted Metal is one of their first games on playstation by in 95. They better market the hell out of it like they do with call of duty. Finally my most anticipated game of 2012 is coming sooner than expected. Here is to hope it has a successful launch. It should be Sony's biggest launch for gaming ever. The best part is that its exclusive to PS3.

Fishy Fingers2344d ago

I'll be shocked if I see more than a total of 10 ads here in the UK. Other than some poor Move ads, very few Sony games get anything better than the most basic of ad campaigns. One channel, usually late evening, that seems to be the Sony way for the UK.

Septic2344d ago

Yeah I know what you mean Fish. Thing is though, Twisted Metal hasn't really been as mainstream as other games so I would like to see Sony put a concerted marketing effort behind this game. The concept itself, for people who aren't aware of the game,is intriguing in its own right.

fucadastates2344d ago

damn people who dont own a ps3, need one quick!
i love twisted metal!