Steam and EA Back on Good Relations? - [addicted-gamers]

A short opinion piece regarding the sudden and unannounced appearance of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on Steam.

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zeal0us2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Any and every future PC title publish by EA is Origin-Bound, especially those franchises/series that sells heavy. Don't get your hopes up about seeing any future EA titles on steam.

VOP2377d ago

That's what EA said after Alice: Madness Returns yet here we have an EA published game (Reckoning) suddenly appearing on Steam for sale...

egidem2377d ago

I understand EA's model of building up their own online distribution service for games, but sometimes, they just shoot themselves in the foot. Deciding to for example sell a game exclusively on Origin means that they will miss out on a segment of sales from the people on Steam.

People on Steam, such as myself, are very satisfied with the service that Valve is providing. Rarely will I want to go over the fence at Origin's online store to look at what type of games they have. This in turn kills the potential for me to discover new titles that might sell better/be recognized were it to be sold on Steam.

ATi_Elite2377d ago

I want no part of Origin! I do not want that spyware/malware on my PC.

I'm looking forward to Kingdoms of Amular and I'm happy to be getting it on Steam.

I bought a Hard copy of BF3 and I use the No Origin patch.

I was on the fence about Mass Effect 3 but since it's Origin only I will PASS!!

EA just needs to grow up, if Apple can have Apple stores but still sell Macs at "Worst Buy" then EA can have Origin and still sell games on Steam.

Kran2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

It even has Steam achievements o.O

And wait, KoA isn't even published by EA.

@below That's probably the case. I cant even get on wikipedia to check. lol DAMN YOU SOPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus people who buy on Steam get TF2 items. w00t.

zeal0us2377d ago

38 Studios seem to be publishing the PC version or at least thats who Steam got down for publisher.

Guess EA must be only publishing the console version

VOP2376d ago

Huh, I didn't notice that the publisher of the Steam version was 38 Studios...that's odd. Like really odd.

KoA is an EA published game make no mistake about that but I do wonder what the deal is for the Steam version.

NYC_Gamer2377d ago

they aren't on good terms and might not ever's all about the dlc issue and etc.and i agree with valve all the dlc should able to be brought through steam.

ardivt2377d ago

Well let's hope for the best. But Battlefield 3 already made me install Origin and I guess ME3 will make all the other people who don't like shooter too much

papashango2376d ago

I have origin for bf3 but its not on the list of things that startup on my pc like steam is.

I get those 40% off discounts in my email but I don't ever click them. It's not that I hate origin. I'm just not interested in buying other games outside steam.

I'll miss out on me3 but I don't mind. That franchise is no longer an rpg anyway and I don't really care for third person shooters

ardivt2376d ago

yeah I also think there's still a long way to go for origin to become as popular as steam is now.

but I think every gamer should support origin and other similar services as the additional competition makes every consumer a winner.

VOP2376d ago

What I find funny is that people seem to totally forget that Steam was once just starting out as well...and man did people not like it one bit. The idea of installing a program that sold you games you couldn't even hold in your hand made people go nuts - the fact that Steam always had to be running also wasn't well received.

Then when physical copies started REQUIRING Steam to install...that just rekindled the anti-Steam flames.