MTV Multiplayer - Look For Bigger Action In 'Hitman: Absolution'

MTV Multiplayer - So ambitious that IO Interactive had to build a new engine to make the game, helpfully explains Marchesi, who walks through some of the updated mechanics bald super assassin Agent 47 will have at his disposal in the upcoming sequel, as well as tidbits from the story which takes place after the events of 2006's Hitman: Blood Money.* The words "personal journey" come up during the interview, leading me to believe (along with the trailers for the game) that IO Interactive might be looking to humanize the character a bit.

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Trainz2377d ago

I hope this game is like call of duty in the way that it has multiplayer so I can quick scope people.
And if the same enemy kills you twice in the campaign you have the option to make him disappear :)

ThichQuangDuck2377d ago

I am still not paying the troll toll